Prevailing Flow


Well here we are in summer, despite the random golf ball sized hail, summer prevails. Perennials are shorter this year, with fewer smaller blooms.

I do have a patch of sunflowers out back by the garage, planted from seed that are doing well, as well as a patch of dahlias and callas started from bulbs. Sweet peas are coming up near the front porch.

This is a challenging area for gardening, and I have noticed many have turned to container gardening, which they can bring in if the weather is too severe. It was at least a week into June before anything could go into the ground. Once again I have been relying on the gardens of others for picture taking. My hollyhocks never did reappear.

pale pink

The truth is I have not had much energy for gardening, or other things as well. Turns out my thyroid has become under active. I began homoeopathic treatment for it two and a half weeks ago, and I feel some difference already. It takes time to remap the body.

Apparently hypothyroidism is one of the problems that can be corrected with homoeopathy. It was a tremendous relief to find out the cause of my symptoms, and to be on the path to wellness. Clearing my body, and clearing my space. I am on vacation, a stay-cation, finding time for relaxation, neglected tasks, and to set some new patterns. I will do some shorter day trips, including Banff this weekend. I hope to have some interesting experiences to share.

I may have to move within the next six months. I have become attached to this spot, having been here almost six years. Part of me wants to stay, but I feel a slight excitement of having new digs, which may be therapeutic. My vision is more light, French doors, and everything on one level. I have begun the clearing process, which will make room for new things to enter my life. Shifting is constant, reshaping our lives moment by moment.

Random Thought; ♥ “A seed has it’s own will,
encouraged by the wind, it repositions itself where it can best
flourish.” ~ moi ♥


This piece has been on my easel since before the art show. I was frantically working on it the night before the show was hung, and my friend came by to assist in the show set up, and said, “Deb … Deb … put the brush down! It’s over.”

Her words did not sink in, initially (not the first time that has happened), yet, as the glaze over my eyes started to clear, I could see she was serious, and right. It was time to pack up the brushes and paints, and transport what I had. It is a good thing I do not paint in oils, or I would be transporting wet paintings all of the time!

Now I am wondering can I get back into the flow. I thought it could be inspirational and motivational to post this work in progress. What I love about this painting so far; the contrast, the light, the water is almost heart shaped, the tree branches are almost bowing to drink, and there is a pathway from the heart to the light. Now tell me, did you see all of that in it’s early stages? Should be interesting to see what prevails.

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