Purpose of Art

Purpose of Art

daisies-sepiaArt opens a new pathway to the soul. Creativity flows from the artist, to the art, then to the viewer, evoking a response. This fuels the artist to continue to create.

What is it about a piece of art that grabs you? Is it subject matter, colour or form? All of these have some bearing. Yet what really stands out in my mind, is how I feel when I look at a piece of art. I do not feel all of that when I look at a piece of art I am in the midst of creating.

As in musical performance, the applause gives back to the performer tenfold what they have exerted. The interaction between performing artist and the audience, confirms they have indeed touched the listener. Satisfaction lies in knowing the performance has touched people somehow.


This is true for visual art as well. In the midst of a painting, I am not consciously aware of the what I am trying to express. Immersed in the canvas, I see nothing more than colour, brush strokes and form.

While caught up in the act of creation, I can get lost in the mechanics. Perceived difficulties can interfere with the flow. Objectivity does not come into play until the painting is finished. One cannot draw conclusions about a piece that does not yet exist.

Much later, once I have removed myself from the work, I see what I was trying to express. Often I am amazed at what I have accomplished.

If it speaks to you, art it has accomplished it’s purpose. The purpose of art is to be shared.

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