Sail ElevenThe last thing one would expect to find in Calgary is a sailboat. However the Glenmore Reservoir sports many sailboats. One can also rent canoes-I would like to try that before the summer is out.

Calgary’s drinking water comes from this reservoir. The park itself is about 84 hectares, another oasis in this rapidly growing city of ours. The pathway system is busy with cyclists, runners, roller blades, and people strolling with their dogs.

I went down and laid on the dock the other night to blow off my day. A wonderful place to go and watch the sailboats and the ducks. These shots were captured just before sunset.

Ducks in a RowA couple of quiet days coming up with fine weather. Trying to decide on a plan, perhaps go somewhere I haven’t been.

Maybe a day trip. I could just take my easel to to one of the urban parks, if nothing else. A full lunar eclipse in Aquarius tomorrow should bring good energies for a party I am attending.

Have a swell weekend everyone!

Sailing was last modified: January 26th, 2019 by Deborah Robinson

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