bare treesI awoke to minus three Celsius this morning. The birdbath was covered in a thin layer of ice. How quickly the seasons change. At first, I am sad to see the end of summer, yet every season has it’s own beauty. The winds swept many of the leaves down yesterday. It is inevitable.

Company came from Yellowknife last night, on their way through to Ottawa and Montreal. They drove down, since it is an arm and a leg to fly here, and they are leaving me their van. So I will have wheels for a whole week. Wheeeeeee! After rolling my YJ Jeep ten years ago, in a four time rollover, I am fortunate to be here. Not bothering to get another vehicle, I do miss the independence of being able to jump in and go. A good chance to stock up on things, which are ordinarily a challenge for me to get without a vehicle.

We feasted on roast chicken, stuffed with garlic, rosemary & lemon, root veges, with salad. We finished off with apple-blueberry crisp and Roobois tea, a South African red bush tea. Yum yum yum. A good visit with my best friend and her partner, I drove them to the airport this morning.

squirrelI may take the opportunity to drive to the mountains later in the week. It is only about an hour away. I may go visit a friend in Canmore. After all, they sent Heidi to the mountains to heal, didn’t they? That is one part of the story no one seems to remember but me. 🙂

The mountains are snow capped already, which means it won’t be long before we see snow. The squirrels are busy gathering, frolicking in the crisp autumn air. The birds are gathering, gorging on berries for their long journey. Some geese have been seen in their V formation, flying south to their winter homes. I will keep the hearth warm until their return in the spring.

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