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Silk PoppyTime for something bright and cheery. My upcoming show is not just about trees.

I couldn’t possibly get away with not showing flowers.

This one will be at ArtPoint for the Nov. 6 Opening through Nov. 28.

I suppose it is right on time for Remembrance Day. However I have named this one ‘Silk’; Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 24.

Pretty much every red pigment was used in the painting of this poppy. One thing I have found is red is most difficult to photograph, so if you can come down and see the real thing that would be best!

I was tempted to keep the new work for the show concealed until the opening, but you readers who are not in the area would miss out.

rosehip-snowFriday I spent time with a good friend. Had a treatment on her Migun massage bed, took the dog for a walk, and soaked under the stars in the outdoor hot tub. Pleiades was clearly visible. As our eyes searched skyward, we both saw a shooting star! Beautiful.

That turned out to be the last day of fall, as the next morning we had snowflakes the size of teaspoons! Some has since melted, and now we once again have milder temperatures. Hard to know what season we will have on any given day around here. I am still mourning the autumn that passed us by this year.

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