Society and Fear

Society and Fear

cafe beano2Walking down the street, lately I have noticed most people cannot look you in the eye.

Some do not even say hello in their own neighbourhood.

I could hear the phrase ‘fear based society’ echo through my brain.

Fear seems to dominate our society these days. I see it everywhere.

At the top of the list, fear of not getting your share, fear of terrorism fear of people, fear of death, fear of speaking or hearing the truth . . . the list is endless. I am speaking of this as a condition of the human race, from a cultural perspective, not as an over generalization.


Whatever happened to respect for your fellow individual? When one is full of fear, they cannot trust, nor love. I look around and see many are disassociated from real life. One convenient way of doing this, which I see all the time, is staying too busy to connect.

I wonder when community will become important again? When love and support for humankind, will replace the violence and disconnectedness.

"The universe is already a harmonious oneness; just realize it." ~The Hua Hu Ching
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