Spring Thaw

Frozen Gulls

I heard geese returning late into the night, announcing their arrival with loud honks. They were greeted by ice fog and snow.

Spring thaw seemed sure to follow daylight savings time, yet we found ourselves dumped on by more snow. We have had several thaws already. This has been a long cold winter, but change is now on our doorstep. I saw a robin high in flight, scoping out nesting materials a couple of weeks ago.

Winter River View

This is only a few blocks from where I am living now. I did a bit of preliminary investigating to see where some good bike riding spots might be. The bike too awaits warm summer evenings.

The neighbourhood I have moved to, Bowness, is the most diverse in Calgary. We have everything here from mansions to dumpster diving, and the area itself appears to be a transitional neighbourhood. A couple of fine restaurants have gone in as well as a progressive bookstore. Close by there is one good coffee shop that I know of, but it closes early.

Bowmont Natural Area

I am close to several parks, a natural area shown here and of course the river weaves through all of these. This is mere blocks from my residence, taken from the north side of the Bow river and I am to the south. Can you see the Rockies in the distance?

Trains are heard at night once more, which brings the comfort of long ago memories. One evening, around the time of the full moon, coyotes were yipping and howling creating a ruckus. Turns out they follow the river down like gypsies, and the kitties will have to be kept close at hand. My feline friends are still mourning the loss of the yard, so that was the hardest part of moving.

Did I mention I got myself a metallic purple cruiser bike for the river pathways? Today was gorgeous, but I have been sick this week, and was not up to riding. I can only figure that more cleansing is in progress. The move was a lot of purging. Change continues to roll over me as I focus on keeping both feet on the ground, and an extra supply of oxygen for when it might be needed.

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