State of Being

State of Being

goddessThe only way to assimilate the speed at which the world is moving and changing is to be in alignment with the higher self.

Taking control of our own power is the beginning. The goddess within takes charge. Every thing is energy, we, our worlds, everything. We need to attune ourselves with the positive forces, and defend ourselves from the toxic energy.

In order to do so, first we need to understand ourselves and the situation which surrounds ourselves at this very moment. Our mind is energy, not just a series of electrical currents, but the pattern which exists creates an energy field. How easily we can corrupt our own energy field with toxic things. Even when a force field is present, it still takes a magnet to show us the patterns and form the energy field takes. The way our energy is organized in mind, is a result of our environment and influencing factors.

The various types of exposure, negative or positive tend to accumulate in our energy field. If enough negative low vibrational stuff is present then it creates a toxic environment, which in turn influences out thoughts and behaviour, and what in eventuality becomes our own reality. It is imperative to discover the things which stand between you and you goals. Wading through the toxic stuff, discarding what is not longer useful, will reveal the answers and contribute to your wellness.

Healing is realigning these energies, into a positive pattern which allows us to become in touch once again with our higher self. Maintaining a high frequency of vibration is essential to conducive spiritual health. We no longer need to be pulled downward. So much of our world is filled with toxic energy, and we must learn to hold our own, despite what is occurring around us. When enough of this is stored in our subconscious then it sends us into a downward spin.

No amount of will power is enough to counteract this negative force. Our state of mind, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, influences our state of health and being in proper balance fends off illness. It is when an imbalance of these things are present that dis-ease, and illness occur. In order to prevent illness, or to heal illness we must bring all the parts of ourselves into balance.

Once you have removed yourself from the negativity, then you must cleanse yourself of it, and create a protective shield. Only when you are in communion with the higher self, can you be the master of your own destiny. Without taking control of your own power, and if you are disconnected from the collective unconscious, then you may succumb to the negative energies around you, henceforth inviting in the prophecy of failure.

Making positive choices while setting intention will help you to break out of any destructive patterns you may have found yourself in. When you heal from the inside out the rest falls into place much more easily. Once this state of being has become habitual, it is now necessary to prevent yourself from engaging in this sort of ‘lower thinking consciousness’.

That higher state, from which all living flows from, will come more easily as we are setting down new tracks. Like treading on fresh laden snow rather than traveling in the same rut which has held us down for so long. Ruts are easy to get stuck in, and will prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

If you are able to increase your awareness to the point where you can step outside yourself and see how these negative energies have been governing your life, then you will not need to concern yourself with healing the physical body. When you heal the energies, with the higher self, the physical will heal.

Upon removing those things which are preventing you from moving forward, then you must fill the well with proper foods, which can help you to maintain a positive state while feeding the spirit. Food for the spirit can be many things. Prayer and meditation is essential for operating and dwelling in the higher self. Constant vigilance is necessary to preserve that natural state. It is spiritual survival.


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