Summer Blazes

Hollyhock BudsLate afternoon breezes graze the hushed hotness of the day offering small relief. It is another scorcher! Restless, not wanting to budge, I am enveloped by the throb of the summer heat. Woolgathering thoughts hover like the predaceous wasps, relentless. Muffled flutter of a bird’s wings like rustling taffeta breaks the monotony.

Pink Hollyhock

Hollyhocks are plentiful this year. This is the first variety to appear in my garden. I have a family of white lady bugs living on a red bee balm bloom.

What fascination nature offers! Sleepless hot summer nights continue.

Porch lights dot the neighborhood deep into the wee hours. This was not always the case. People are on edge here. An arson spree went on only about eight blocks from where I live on Friday night. What an alarming precursor to the full moon and partial eclipse. No suspects are in hand, so I and the neighbors wait breathlessly, hoping for a faint sign, a clue to who was responsible. I confess my sleep is scarce since this. Here is a haiku I am fond of.

Barn’s burnt down
I can see the moon.

Sunflower WatercolourSpeaking of burn, I am sunburned from painting out of doors yesterday I went to a little workshop at a community garden.

Yea I actually got outside to paint-next time I will bring sunscreen. It was fun experimenting with watercolors again, which is the medium I started with.

Sometimes it is good to go back to the very basics. Simplify, reconstruct and reinvent.

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