Summery Summary

Wild Rose DuoSolstice came and went with a coolness to the day and cloudy skies. A shock of light wove between clouds like a ribbon.

The enlivened aroma of fresh lilacs after the rain blended took to the high tones of the air with the lily of the valley holding the velvet centre, soft winds caressing.

This post was meant to come out in June, yet June is but a memory, it’s rustling cool winds made way for the dog days of summer, beginning cool then heating up.

NoctilucentPetals and blooms have been short lived, like July, their momentary glory suddenly drowned by winds and rains.

Flat bottomed clouds look curiously out of place, direction less. Noctilucent clouds have begun appearing on a regular basis, obvious signs of the shift that is occurring.

August has brought with it a heaviness of uncertainty to the air. An underlying current of deep movement which is about to break the surface. We are having a gas shortage in Alberta, if you can believe that. Many station have their pumps covered. The place I stopped had one pump still working.

Last summer, on the long weekend, I recall a similar scenario. When a shortage is created we have no choice but to abide. I lay low, and take only what I need. So much to go around, yet more than half the world struggling. It is time for the greed to end.

horse-peek-a-booTime out to photograph some horses which are technically within the city limits. This guy was so friendly, I was sorry I had not brought carrots.

So I lose myself in small distractions, which are really the biggest thing in my life. Nature is my salvation, a trust in knowing larger forces are at work. Surrender the fear, let the white water toss you into the flow of the river, allowing you to fall into grace.

Tune into the frequency of abundance-set the tuner to the frequency for anything you want to manifest in your life. All life is vibration and we are light beings-so we must tune to source and who we are-it is not the other way around. Connect to the highest form you can grasp onto, and ride that wave.

Now I sit listening to the night rains … softly, steadily falling, a prelude to tomorrow’s lunar eclipse third in a series.

Feather Dream

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