Sunday at the Market

nuna'ySunday is a wonderful day to go to the farmer’s market. This group from South America called Nuna’y was playing. Slightly overcast though not cold, the breeze wove the airy Andean Zampoña music into my heart centre.

Harvest time and the last week for seasonal fruits such as cherries and peaches, I stocked up for one final fruit extravaganza. Found some lovely mini squash which reminded me of giant okra, fresh Swiss chard and sweet potatoes. Not sure what I am going to make yet but I can tell you chicken will be involved.

romeo-juliet-muralThis was a mural I was supposed to work on. I answered an ad on Craig’s List. The artist is William Lazos from Toronto, who has done a number of murals in that city and here in Calgary as well.

This is an ad for the Romeo & Juliet Ballet. I did take a drive by the mural this evening to see how the work was progressing. Looks great, especially with a backdrop of dusk. I was excited about the possibility of working on this, however the universe had something different in mind. 

hollyhocks tallI am now officially employed and thrilled about it! A long time in the works … and I have manifested a job which is right in line with my soul purpose. Interestingly enough two other opportunities presented themselves at the exact same time-but this one was right for me.

It took a long while to find the right place for myself and it was immediately apparent that this is where I am supposed to be. Everything just fell into place. The key to finding employment turned out to be aligning with my passions in an environment conducive to my creative nature combined with complimentary personalities. A winning combination for all.


They are appreciative of what I have to offer, and it feels like I was guided there. My job is administrator for a music academy the possibility of expanding into other roles.

I have a full heart of gratitude, and more energy flow than I have experienced in a very long time. And my hollyhocks have begun to bloom! It is a beautiful early fall day. Enjoy!


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