Sunday Concert in the Park

tompkins-park-bandstandThis was the stage I playing on this past Sunday right in the heart of Mount Royal on the Red Mile, where the heartbeat of Calgary lives.

Unfortunately no shots of me playing. I did one set on guitar and one on keyboard. A very relaxed enjoyable experience with a receptive audience.

The weather held up but if not, I still would have been fine in this lovely gazebo!

Green Fest continues in Tompkins Park every Sunday all through the summer.






People wandered through, and visited the various vendors selling their wares. This is the famous automated restroom. Apparently when your time is up the door slides open. Too dubious for me to test out.

brown-eyed-girlsOf course I cannot go anywhere without snapping shots of flowers when the opportunity arises.

I have made a Artist Page on Facebook for my creative pursuits, so if you are on FB come by my page and become a fan!

The Perseid meter shower peaks tonight, so don’t forget to make a wish when you see the falling stars.

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