Suspended Animation

hollyhock-freezeWe are in a state of suspended animation here. Perhaps this is a result of Jupiter going direct. Leaves still green are frozen in their tracks, some fallen to the ground, and some still clinging to the trees.

Wondering about what their state will be when temperatures warm later in the week. One thing for certain is the flowers are unlikely to come back to life. This is my state of ultimate denial, where I demonstrate hanging on to hope, even when there appears to be none.

My computer is in the computer hospital, and most of my picture files are on there. It is quite apparent how heavily we rely on these devices. I am hoping it is just a fan, having replaced the power supply, and finding it still has the same noise. Meanwhile I am reporting to you from my laptop, which does not have all the bells and whistles of my regular PC. I have never quite perfected the laptop mouse technique.


In the meantime, I am painting and getting ready for my show. Allowing myself to paint whatever I feel like without judgment, I am having fun with these bare trees. This one is still in progress.

This show; Transmutation, will be in the Upstairs Salon, the medium sized gallery at Artpoint, which is an artist run center as I have mentioned before.

Many things are in the works, and this show will be a pivotal stepping stone to what comes next.

I am considering doing a clear out of some older pieces so stop by ArtPoint sometime between Nov 6 and Nov 28. Remember the early bird gets the worm!

In April I will have a big show in the main gallery, which I believe will mark a new phase in my process as an artist.

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