Sweet Summer Dreams


Sweet Summer Dreams

Summer has arrived and the warm afternoon winds and sunshine are most welcome. I feel my life is shifting into a completely new direction. Nothing is familiar. I feel myself being pushed downstream by an incontestable force. A deep shaking up of the deepest energies moving involuntarily. New landscapes reveal sweet summer dreams.

What appears to be a completely different direction is really only a continuation of intentions I set long ago. In fact, in addition to uncovering my authentic self, I am also moving closer and fulfilling my purpose. It feels scary in some ways, as the familiar is no longer playing the role of protector. It’s like free-falling.

I do not know where I will be living but it is time to move because the landlords are selling this place. Now I am getting a vision of the life I want to create. The wall of protection I have built around me has become an impingement. Soon the fruit will be ripe for harvesting, the result of much toil.

I see the possibility of travel in my near future. A means to an end. The cats will have to learn to travel. We are going on the road, the cats, and I and the guitars, the keyboard and our mobile art studio. The ideal would be a motor-home, or an air-stream with mobile comforts to set up anywhere. I am going to book a music tour and paint pictures along the way.

I have been a homebody for a substantial length of time. I thought I wanted stability, a refuge from the world, but now I see I must get out the world. The way to do that is to take my music and art to the people. My gypsy blood once again rises and my moving feet match the rhythm of my heartbeat.

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