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Abstractive Reality

Mystic ForestThe weekend is upon us and what it holds is written in the stars. I have spent the week submitting resumes and I have put out well over one hundred.

My multi-diversity is looking for it’s special niche and that cannot be far away.

Aligning myself with the higher plan, I do the footwork, the flow allows me to merge with the stream. So now it is time to open to some fun-perhaps painting- and let the flow happen.

Here are the other two abstracts I did and they are at ArtPoint in the members show. Now here’s hoping I can get down to the other paintings I have planned in my mind. Ideas are never in short supply around here. Having the resources to carry them out has been a challenge at times. Somehow I keep plugging forward.

VescusThe colors I have used in this abstract would be normally out character for me. Yet the purpose of the exercise was to experiment while being unconcerned about the outcome.

I was excited to learn the Dalai Lama is coming to Calgary, but my hopes were quickly dashed when I discovered the cheapest ticket to hear him speak was $475. The Dalai Lama draws the largest crowd of any spiritual leader.

Ah well, perhaps I will experience a windfall. The upside is just having his energy here in the city will likely raise the vibration. The thing that is raising my vibration at the moment is the plus 7C balmy temperature! And just in time for the weekend. Have a good one!


Last night in the throes of one of Calgary famous March blizzards, I stayed cozy by the fire resting with the cats. The yard has filled up with white, and the north side of trees and buildings are now lined with sticky snow. There was much shoveling to do today and now the wind is beginning to pick up.

Ego abstract paintingEgo 8 X 8 $120 @ ArtPoint

ArtPoint opened it’s Members Abstract Show last night, which will be on for the entire month of March. I knocked off four small abstracts as an exercise to loosen up and get back in the flow.

Experimenting with no expectations to interfere with the process can be fun, a return to basics. When I was teaching myself to paint I had done several pieces that were abstract.

Blue abstract paintingThis was the first one I did. It starts with a simple idea, yet once begun it takes on a life of it’s own. Like unwrapping a present, the results can be astonishing.

Blue 10 X 10 $200 @ ArtPoint

Being a member of an artist community can be stimulating when circumstances arise which allow for new challenges. All we experience is a building block for the next step in the continuing process. Should be interesting to see what turns up next.