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Summer Plans; Be a House Concert Host

Summer Plans

house concertWhy not plan a house concert this summer? Summer started early for us in Alberta and is in full swing. I am loving the lush green leaves and blue skies. Fragrant blooms abound.

The road ahead is uncertain, yet I keep my feet steady & my eye on the prize as I move forward into the unknown.  I remind myself everything I need comes to me. So much of life consists of variables. I set intentions and try to stay in alignment to receive. Despite the plans we can make, we don’t always end up where we would expect to be.

That said, may new exciting possibilities are opening up. I am willing to venture into the unknown. Having led the gypsy life for much of my earlier years I became a homebody for a while. Once again, my feet are ready for some adventure. House Concerts are a venue I want to pursue in order to create my own niche. My summer plans include fitting in a few House Concert dates. It’s about connection and bringing your community together through music.  Anyone can be a host.

deborah robinson musician
What You Need To Be a House Concert Host

If you have ever wanted to do something that could draw your community closer together, house concerts are a great way to do just that. Invite twenty to thirty people, and bring a performer like me to you. You can include dinner, or wine &  cheese, have a potluck after the performance if you wish.

You’ll get a stellar evening of entertainment in a casual environment. You will want a seat for everyone in the room. Folding chairs, benches whatever works. It is just a matter of rearranging the furniture to accommodate the guests. Outdoor is fine too with a backup plan in case of weather issues. If you can put me up while travelling outside of Calgary, that would be awesome.

You can expect some folk, pop, blues, jazz, standards and originals. I will sing & perform on piano & guitar, bring all the equipment I need which really doesn’t take up too much space.  After the concert, as the host you will request donations to go to the performer. It’s not a set price so people can give what they wish.

I am working towards writing and recording my album. I just finished a Songwriter Course through Berklee College of Music and it has inspired me. For more information about my music:

Travel throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia is my focus currently. Contact me for further details if you would like to be a host! I am open to public venues along the way. Here are some images from a recent House Concert in Calgary, Alberta.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A self representing artist, I enjoy creating art that encompasses a wide variety of subjects. I have been working on a number of spiritual art paintings inspired by dreams and my own spiritual experiences.

I strive to create art which is a blend of realistic and magical. My art is a blend of realistic, and magical, exploring the emotion & spiritual of nature and the human condition in my painting. My focus includes landscapes, flowers, macro floral, figures and nature scenes in oils, acrylics and watercolour.

Inspiration is found in the simplest of things, a raindrop on a window, a certain glow of light, reflections & shadows. The metamorphosis never ends, as things continue to expand offering more clarity, I simplify, embellish and let the creative flow through me.

Creativity, no matter what form, is a path from the soul, and I have found that one area of expression feeds another. Raw talent, in itself, is just that. That is why I have spent years honing the craft, to achieve the desired outcome.

I am especially fascinated by colour and how it relates to sound and form. Learning to see, translating what the mind’s eye sees to brush & canvas, is a rewarding challenge.

Being in the moment of creation, the excitement I feel, as a piece nears completion, is the ultimate experience. The learning process never ends. Being an artist means a lifetime of observation and recreating little bits and pieces in my art practise and sharing them with you.

I would like to know that I have touched people somehow, through my art, and personally.

My artwork can be found in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Europe, and the Caribbean. I reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Connect With Me

my business card
Please use the contact form below for all inquiries. Feel free to send me questions if you have them. I do not take voice calls from area codes outside of Canada. Use the contact form to make a phone appointment with me if you have relevant business to discuss. Thank you for your understanding.

    A complete list of services can be found here. I hope you will find something you like.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Deborah Robinson; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Back From the Desert

    Back From the Desert

    setup drumhellersetup drumheller2





    Well, Drumheller Arts Festival is behind me now. It was a hectic time getting ready to go, and we got away late. It is a miracle we made it there. Here’s my setup. It turned out the canopy I found on sale, a necessity, due to the hot desert weather, was somewhat complex to put together. It took a whole team, despite the caption on the box which assured me of easy setup. Fortunately, I found willing participants, who graciously offered their assistance. Even with the canopy, I still managed to get severely sunburned.

    bb drumhellerbandb drumheller





    The bed and breakfast was quaint, breakfast company was interesting, and the food was lovely.That evening, a huge thunderstorm added to the ambiance of the turn of the century mansion. I had such a feeling of deja vu, not only in the house, but from the minute we descended into the valley.

    The town has an interesting history, formerly known for it’s coal mining. It was like a glimpse into the past.

    Upon arrival, we found a homemade gourmet hamburger joint, which was delicious, and very filling. Then it was off to the graveyard, to find the graves of two relatives, who were early pioneers in the area, however, we came up empty handed, and left with only mosquito bites, since they swarmed us as soon as we got out of the vehicle.

    landscape drumhellerSadly, this is the only picture of the landscape I managed to snap, as time did not permit for all I had hoped to do. So I will have to go back, as the land surrounding the town has amazing badlands, which have an astounding magnetic power.


    Drumheller is the number three tourist destination in Alberta, with it’s population tripling during the summer months.

    Although I didn’t sell a single painting, I had many positive comments about my work, and I managed to pass out some business cards. Also, I connected with some wonderful artists, and even received an invitation to come back to play music, for the spring music festival in East Coolie, which also has a gallery in a restored school house.

    One of the artists I met, suggested I could possibly sell my work there. So all was not lost, and the weekend was truly an adventure. Now it is back to the easel for me.