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New Creations

New Creations

inglewood-urban-sketchSpent a casual Sunday afternoon doing some urban sketching. We met in Inglewood chatting over coffee with sketchbook and portable watercolour sets in hand.

It was hot and sunny and a welcome luxury. Some randomness is a breath of fresh air. This image is one of the drawings I did that day. Inglewood is such a beautiful area and one of the oldest in the city.

Art is not my hobby, it’s how I earn my living.

New creations are appearing, in between the business obligations. Professional artists need to be hardworking and it is passion that drives us. Patrons are so appreciated. I see everything I do as art. Besides creativity there is a whole bunch of business, planning, submissions & getting out there. I recognize that in putting myself out there I am vulnerable & vulnerability is a virtue. I go almost non-stop to try to get everything in. Hence the luxury of a sketching afternoon.

Here is a video I made and composed the soundtrack to. If you like rain, I think you will like this. I listen to a lot of background music, meditations and ambient while I am working. Sometimes there is no need for words. Enjoy.

I don’t have high end recording facilities, but you get the idea. This was done on the minimal requirements for recording. Having it documented is the main thing until I am able to make a more refined version.

I am taking registrations for fall piano & guitar lessons. If you are interested please visit my Music Lessons page.
If you know anyone who would like a website built, I have room for a new Web-design client. Get a new website here.

Life is a Series of Transitions

oct-memorialdrive-walkThe smell of decaying leaves nauseated me. Though decay and death is an opportunity for rebirth, it feels daunting. The nights are ever so quiet, stars brightly lighting the pathways of the galaxy.

Winter is inevitable. This is one of the last pictures I took before the snow arrived, it’s presence unwelcome and awkward as it delivered it’s harsh reality. I pass the hours practising music, working intently on my voice. I feel new songs incubating so I carry my notebook everywhere. I catch glimpses of the butterfly, yet the caterpillar is still present, not completely transformed. Life is a series of transitions and and the purpose is the journey which only exists in this moment.

I am setting up for NaNoWriMo once again for the third year in a row. I am not entirely sure what I will write about yet, being a pantser. In other words, flying by the seat of my pants in no uncertain terms. However for the last two years I have succeeded in writing 50,000 words in the month of November and I shall try for 3/3.

Would my time be better spent doing something else? Perhaps, but really, I recently read what I wrote last year, and was startled. What I had written read better after putting it aside for almost a year.


Sunflowers Oil on Canvas
16 X 20
$300 CAD

I have an abundance of paintings which I would like to move as I am trying to sustain my life form on this planet. Motivated to sell, please make me an offer if you are so inclined and feel free to share my website with your art loving friends. A great opportunity to purchase original art at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, please contact me. A deposit will hold your piece and shipping will be extra. Local pickup or delivery is available.

I began teaching at a art/music studio in NW Calgary. My first art class is two young children and I enjoy doing it. I would be pleased to find a few more students. If you are looking for a teacher for art, piano or guitar in Calgary, AB, get in touch.

On November 23, 2013, I will be at Caprice’s Fine Arts & Crafts Sale in Inglewood. Drop by and see the amazing array of artisans and musicians who will be displaying and selling work. Join the party and come by my booth at the Inglewood Community Centre on November 23, 2013 and say hello.

I will have an assortment of smaller pieces, ideal for gift giving as well as larger paintings. Live music and food-trucks will be part of the scenario. Donations will be accepted for the Calgary Humane Society at the event. Hope to see you there Calgary!

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice~Merry Christmas~Happy Holidays and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Who ever thought we would have made it this far?


We have had a a lot of icy fog and hoar frost this year and it is beautiful. Occasionally the sun breaks through.

And though I would like to be out taking more pictures, however other things have taken priority.

At the moment it seems I am going from deadline to deadline, pacing myself and somehow it all gets done. Everything I need comes to me, miraculously.


I am getting bits and pieces of time in the studio in an attempt to finish some work. This is one of several oils I did late this summer, all 12 X 16. They are almost dry, still a bit wet in the darker areas.

A couple of weeks ago, I auditioned for a band and the experience was great. I felt good about the energy I took there, and was relaxed and calm. Feeling good about being in my element though it had been a long time and an opportunity to perform. It did not turn out to be the right situation but it feels like a bridge. A couple more situations are just on the horizon.


Currently I am writing new music, on piano mostly. My goal is to create an album, a CD, and once I have done that I will find a way to record it.

So I am carrying my notebook with me everywhere, as I always did before. The music is coming quicker than the lyrics. That has not always been the case. Creative thoughts must incubate before we can birth them. Much growth has been taking place under the surface.

I am spending this time to set intentions for the New Year, and to prioritize. Included in the repertoire will be lots of art, music, web design and writing. I am re-branding myself to integrate all that I do, and am determined that will provide me a way to sustain myself. In the meantime, let’s set an intention to make 2013 the best year ever!



Several moons have come and gone and the non-existence of time has proved itself once more. Look at this beauty, almost full. My new camera captures a lot of detail and I am looking forward to getting out a bit more.

As I detach from the walls here, the surroundings shrink into tomorrow’s memories. Packing has begun, with the help of a friend. Next month at this time I will be in a new environment. I will be in a whole new neighbourhood, near the river, some shops, a bakery, cafe and grocer. Fresh surroundings will be good for me, and for my creativity.


All things change. Even my old soft leather jazz dance shoes have been transformed into Tai Chi shoes. Who knew they would be the perfect choice? The Taoist Tai Chi is helping to shift the physical energy. This practice is very good for someone who is regaining their health and I fall into that category.

fireside guitar

I have stepped back from painting since my last show which has given me a chance to re-evaluate the process and to find an appreciation for the work my gifts and talents have produced.

In the meantime I practice observation while allowing the creative energy to build. I have been dabbling with my music here and there. Hoping to get set up for some recording so I can share my music with you soon. Watch for some new surprises sometime this spring.

Ladybug Festival & Unity Wave


This is what I am taking part in on Saturday. A ladybug festival! It begins with the release of over 100,000 lady bugs into the pesticide free gardens.

I will be performing and showing my art. Sounds like a fabulous lineup, with music, fire-spinners, belly dancers, and a ten piece funk band. What fun to be part of this! If you are in the Calgary area, please come by and join n the festivities.

I drove to Priddis to check out the grounds last weekend, and it is a quaint unique place, hosted by Kelly. Now help me set an intention for fabulous weather!

What strong energy these days with lots going on to head up spring! I am having a personal day from work, a chance to catch up on personal things, and get ready from the weekend. Looks like I will have time to work in the yard and get things started. Blossoms are starting to appear, and perennials are coming up.


“Unity Wave was born in recognition of the need for an unprecedented response to coordinate a world wide, synchronized, outpouring of conscious intention.”

You will find me here in a few hours. UNITY WAVE will stream live, Friday for fifteen minutes, calling for healing and restoration of the Gulf of Mexico. We know about the power of deliberate intent, particularly powerful, when numbers increase.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

For Creation Sake

view-from-hereA month goes by fast! With my show in the final week; I am already planning a larger show for the main gallery at ArtPoint in April 2010. There is still time to view the current show this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

In the meantime I decided to loosen up and do a bit of fun stuff, while I hold the energy for what is to come. The colour in this landscape are not showing up well here at all. Even photo-shop could not save me. Some pigments just do not photograph well. The mountains have more of a purple tone in real life. This canvas is 8″ X 36″; a size which I have never tried before now.

It is the part of the creative process that I used to think of it as the incubation phase, Yet is a type of holding, while all the pieces are assembled psychically one embodies the essence. The energies collect, creating focus which eventually gives way to form. Before that, it is a gestation period. Clarity of mind before the brush touches canvas is a wonderful thing.

As time goes on, I am not concerned with selling or even what other people think-just interested in the joy of creating. Creation for creation sake. What a concept!

Painting Story

sepia glazeDuring the course of a painting there are many choices to make along the way, much like life. As Joni Mitchell says in her song ‘Blue’; “Songs are like tattoos, you know I’ve been to sea before.

A story, our story, the story of a painting. And then there is the question of ending. What is the best sort of finish? Have I said all I want to say? Save something for the next painting … perhaps.

sepia glaze2The story behind this painting is that it was not quite finished when I decided to use it as the signature piece for the show. I played around in photo-shop, and decided I liked the sepia tone for the poster.

At first I thought it would be fun to have the painting a bit different than the invite. But as time grew closer to the show, I decided to glaze it to match the digital version. This glaze took two coats to achieve the desired effect.

transmutationAlthough I was unsure of the repercussions at the time, I took a chance. And this turned out to be a good thing. As the sepia covered the entire painting, then a second coat, it seemed to exemplify the meaning of the painting.

It takes a very long time to get down the the inner essence of ourselves as a creator, so that what we emit is the most authentic pure version of our vision.

I feel a shift occurring in myself, which at first tells me my reasons for making art appear to have changed. However that may not be true. It may be a truer statement to say that my consciousness about making art has changed. Whatever the reason, I feel my art-making is melding with my soul’s purpose.

Late Summer Light

mountain bird sunset

Saturday was a lovely day to go to Nosehill Park and capture the sunset. I needed to blow some cobwebs out of my head, and so off with camera in hand I went. The light was so interesting and follow the light is just what I did. Wouldn’t you know, when the time came to depart-I realized I was on the wrong side of the ravine. I hadn’t even realized how far I had travelled.

sillouhetteClearly the flip-flops I was wearing were not going to take me down the ravine and up again, so I had to take the long way around. Fortunately I had taken note of the airport tower as a landmark, which turned out to be the first told me I was off course and helped me to locate the car. My ankles scratched and ravaged from the thistles the feeling of the wind through my hair, absorbed in nature and in my glory. The beautiful shots I got was the bonus. This one was lucky timing.

This coming weekend is the East side Studio Crawl, and the artist run gallery I belong to is part of that annual event. The East side, is the original downtown area of Calgary, and many Galleries and artist’s studios are in the area. This is you chance to see a variety of art work and many artist studios.


Some of my work will be on display for this coming weekend and throughout the month at ArtPoint, and at Euphoria Cafe in Crowchild Square I also have some art for about a month.

Beautiful fields of gold at sunset. I want to squeeze every drop of summer that I can. The rain today felt lovely, reviving and now the sun is shining. We have a frost warning for tonight. Time to get the sheets out for the hollyhocks, some of which are yet to bloom. Off to the studio to paint, before a new week begins.

Sunday at the Market

nuna'ySunday is a wonderful day to go to the farmer’s market. This group from South America called Nuna’y was playing. Slightly overcast though not cold, the breeze wove the airy Andean Zampoña music into my heart centre.

Harvest time and the last week for seasonal fruits such as cherries and peaches, I stocked up for one final fruit extravaganza. Found some lovely mini squash which reminded me of giant okra, fresh Swiss chard and sweet potatoes. Not sure what I am going to make yet but I can tell you chicken will be involved.

romeo-juliet-muralThis was a mural I was supposed to work on. I answered an ad on Craig’s List. The artist is William Lazos from Toronto, who has done a number of murals in that city and here in Calgary as well.

This is an ad for the Romeo & Juliet Ballet. I did take a drive by the mural this evening to see how the work was progressing. Looks great, especially with a backdrop of dusk. I was excited about the possibility of working on this, however the universe had something different in mind. 

hollyhocks tallI am now officially employed and thrilled about it! A long time in the works … and I have manifested a job which is right in line with my soul purpose. Interestingly enough two other opportunities presented themselves at the exact same time-but this one was right for me.

It took a long while to find the right place for myself and it was immediately apparent that this is where I am supposed to be. Everything just fell into place. The key to finding employment turned out to be aligning with my passions in an environment conducive to my creative nature combined with complimentary personalities. A winning combination for all.


They are appreciative of what I have to offer, and it feels like I was guided there. My job is administrator for a music academy the possibility of expanding into other roles.

I have a full heart of gratitude, and more energy flow than I have experienced in a very long time. And my hollyhocks have begun to bloom! It is a beautiful early fall day. Enjoy!


This is an important notice for music creators in regards to the Canadian Copyright Act being out of date. For the latest information on Canadian Copyright and a chance to send a letter to your Member of Parliament encouraging them to make Copyright Reform a priority.

You can send the letter as is or modify it by adding a personal message telling your MP how important it is to you that the Government of Canada SAVE THE LEVY.”

I Adore Hollyhocks

I adore hollyhocks and some are in bloom throughout the neighbourhood. These are favourites of mine, truly heirloom variety. The bees were lovingly surrounding them and burrowing in deep, covered in pollen. The delicate yellow seemed to best loved by the bees, not pale rosy coloured ones, which are equally as beautiful. Perhaps a more exquisite flavour was what drew them.
yellow hollyhocktwo bees


I hope the plan will include an Indian summer. Seems we have not had much summer at all. Perennials planted previous years supplied some blooms to enjoy. That has been the extent my garden this year and was certainly worth the effort.

stretched canvas

stretched canvas completeWell yesterday it was time to get busy. Outdoors in August, as you can see I need a sweater. Brrrr … I am still waiting for my hollyhocks to bloom. And frankly they look too frightened to come out of their coverings!

A chill has settled into the air. The day before I in the yard with the cats, wearing my down-filled jacket, whilst they ran around in their little fur coats. Even the birds have begun to stuff themselves.

My art show at ArtPoint is coming up in November, and I now must set my plan in action. This was a huge canvas to stretch, approx six feet by 4 feet and I had been meaning to tackle it for ages. The stretcher frame was gifted to me, and the old canvas had to be removed to give way to a new one.

With such good construction it was worth reusing. Reuse-recycle! It is huge-barely got it into my studio. I am hoping it will be the signature piece for my show in November, unless that is too large an undertaking for this upcoming show. Let’s see what transpires.


Sunflower IcedWinter continues. The severe cold temperatures have left us for the time being. Soon the light will increase and nights will grow shorter.

The snow eater winds have tousled trees and have brought the magpies out of hiding rattling bones and garden gates. An aloof sound welcomed on the tail of the wind. Though the temperatures are balmy, I still find myself warming my belly by the fire like a cat.

Where have I been? Expect to see more of me now. I renewed my Pro membership here at blogdotca, so I will be around. Besides hibernation, and sorting out my health regime, I have been busy with Artpoint Gallery, as a board member and volunteer. Hanging shows, working on upgrading the website, as well as working on the marketing committee which seems to involve everything but painting for the moment.

Tonight we attended a workshop with ArtPoint member Krystyna Laycraft on “Chaos, Complexity, and Creativity”. A stimulating presentation which was enjoyed by all. We have a marvelous group of people in our society, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

I have booked my Annual Art Show for November in the Upstairs Salon at ArtPoint! So the paint brushes will be coming out soon! We have a group abstract show, and I will do some experimentation for that, followed by a Functional Art & Design show for the summer for which I will be teaming up with another artist on a couple of projects so stay tuned.

Me & GuitarThe full moon eclipse ushered in the dawning of the age of Aquarius which seems to have brought me into better alignment.

My plan is to execute what has been in incubation for ever so long. Much movement has been taking place below the surface and I am preparing to emerge from this shell. Busy times are just around the corner.

I am going to play at the East Coolie Music Festival which is coming up on April 4, near Drumheller. A benefit for the museum, this annual event is becoming a popular venue. It seems a fun way to get connected back into the music world. So I am practicing my chops for that.

Bluebird Blessings

BluebirdSpring is sure to be close by. I spotted a flock of bluebirds this week while out on a walk.

Amazing how such tiny creatures can stay warm, upon their early arrival. What a dimension their azure color adds to the bland landscape which we have grown so weary of. This is the first time I have seen bluebirds.

Bluebird on BranchMythology and symbolism about the bluebird is ancient, transcending many cultures, its associations positive.

Bluebird said to me,
Get up, my grandchild.
It is dawn, it said to me.
~Navajo Bluebird Song

The Navajo bluebird song honors the rising sun, and the belief the bluebird is a great spirit in animal form. The bluebirds presence was a welcome surprise, like a special gift which unwrapped itself. I sat quietly astonished, revering my good fortune. The very best things come when you least expect a treasure to appear. Some say selfless seeking, without reward gives one the bluebird of happiness.

Ice CocoonIciclesSlow melts, buds are encased in their ice cocoons. Icicles form a lattice work, thinning out as they grow in length, water rolling off the tips, the wet snow below their destination.


Large ones eventually drop to the ground, sometimes in the middle of the night with a crash, announcing spring’s warmer days and the return of the sun.

Johnson Lake PaintingYou may remember the little canvas that wanted to be a landscape. Well here is the finished product Johnson Lake Acrylic/Canvas 10 X 20.

Since the art show I have been recharging my batteries. Now regrouping, my focus is on creating a vision for the next phase. Ideas for a series are mulling about, although they may not manifest immediately. Other paintings I have intentions for, will begin while I am work on ideas for the new series. Rehearsals are underway, preparing music for the musical duo.

Another BluebirdThe challenge, in whatever we are doing is to keep our vitality, raise the energy vibration, even when performing the not so popular tasks.

If one can accomplish that, then we will truly soar, like the bluebird over the rainbow. Wishing you all the wondrous blessings of the bluebird.