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May Daze

Flow in CompassionMy paintings are safely back home, minus the one which was sold. This is one of my faves, as I really enjoyed painting this.

My plan is now to regroup. I will paint, without the pressure of an upcoming show, and rethink my art business plan.

Gale force winds are pummeling us for the second time in a week complete with a rain-snow mix.

Still the temperatures have not plummeted, so I suppose this still qualifies as an early spring.

The magpies had to take refuge in the lower branches. The nest they built in the top of one of my trees was not serving them well in this wind.

My yard was sculpted by the arborists, readying the palette for gardening. And my bathroom was redone, which will allow for pleasurable soaks after playing in the dirt. Dreaming of sunny days! My kitty is recovering from a terrible abscess, and she was ill for over a month. I am so relieved to see her on the mend and we are thanking our lucky stars for homoeopathic remedies, l-lysine, and calendula infusion.

gallery-spaceOur artist run centre, ARTPOINT, is in the news presently. You can read about it HERE! Since the city doubled our rent to 64,000 per year, our resources have been drained. We have a motion to restore our rent to the previous amount, retroactively.

The building is slated for demolition, and really is not up to standard for any other use. A strong possibility exists that the building would sit empty, if we were not utilizing it. We are one of the largest artist run centres in North America. Makes you wonder, if we cannot make it, how will anyone else. Our organization has an excellent history of fiscal responsibility, and interactions with many other arts groups in the city including Theatre Calgary, Alberta Printmakers. We house the Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild, and host the Unseen Artshow, which supports emerging artists, to name a few.

Calgary Art Blog gives a clear interpretation of the issue, and the surrounding climate. This is not just about ArtPoint. It is about buildings slated for demolition, that could be affordable for use by arts groups to sustain culture in the community. We could certainly use your support. Community Support is ESSENTIAL!

If you are in Calgary, the best way you can help is to contact your alderman before the vote on May 11, 2010. Or you could attend the meeting on Tuesday, May 11, at 9:30 a.m. in a committee room at City Hall. IF you can attend this meeting, this would be extremely helpful. It’s hard to say no to a gallery full of interested supporters!

Here Now

Vision Invite

I am still here and life has been busy! Preparing for my April art show is taking most of my free time at the moment, which is in the main gallery at ArtPoint this time. I am painting up a storm in order to fill the walls there, for my opening on April 9, 2010.

It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone and create from a new place. That is partly what my April show is about. The other part is about vision being an inner journey. Viewing, or creating the art takes one within to the inner relationship you have with all that you see.

When I booked the gallery, I had no idea I would have a promotion to Director of Education at the Music Academy. I am enjoying the work, and also brushing up on my guitar by taking a few lessons.

I am also on a health renewal plan, under the care of a homoeopathic physician. I am so grateful to have found this woman. I am feeling better already, if only as a result of someone taking me seriously.

My body is out of balance from a prolonged period of stress. At a certain point it is hard to know what one can attribute to the ageing process, and what is illness. A three to six month process, I am planning to bloom in June! By September, it will be all systems go.

Art Show Revue


It is dark so early now that the time has changed. It was great to have an extra hour, as there was much to do this week.

Paintings were finished, signed and wired for hanging with a coat of varnish. Everything got done somehow, except for my hair that is. I managed to maintain my focus which was the important thing.

Here are the pictures of the show at ArtPoint, the artist run gallery I belong to. The pictures with me in them were taken the night of the show. I went back the following day to take the rest, as I had no time to take photos on Friday night. This is the more intimate upstairs gallery, one of three.

The turnout was good for the show, and made for a fun evening. Flowers arrived with friends, a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses and lilies. I reconnected with two people I had not seen in a few years which was cool. Thanks to all who came!

My show is on at ArtPoint until Saturday Nov 28, and private appointments are available. See my website for details
ArtPoint Public Gallery Hours
Thurs 1-5 pm
Friday 1-5 pm
Sat 11 am-5pm

artpoint art showartpoint art showartpoint art showartpoint art showartpoint art showartpoint art show

Welcome Spring

Well spring is here Equinox has arrived and we have been having balmy temperatures to go with it. Imagine my dismay when I checked the weather report and found this!

WINTER STORM WARNING: City of Calgary Issued at 10:37 AM MDT SATURDAY 21 MARCH 2009

Ice Cacoon


At Artpoint we will be ignoring the weather and having a spring studio clean-out. This is a great opportunity to pick up some quality fine art at reduced prices. Here is what is planned for April at ArtPoint:

April at Artpoint: OPENING Apr 3, 2009 from 5-9 pm. Apr 3-25, ‘09.

MAIN & RED GALLERY: Studio 18 presents, “Concrete vs Consciousness”, Simon Aitchison and Jacqulynn Mulyk. Jacqulynn is examining the world of the concrete through buildings and structure. Simon is exploring the realm of the subconscious through oils.

UPSTAIRS SALON: Annual Garden Party, with A View to the Garden. Spring Art Blow Out!!

I have a few that are gathering dust, so I will be offering super deals on some pieces. If you are in Calgary from April 3 on-please stop by. Openings are on the first Friday of every month. This one promises to be a swinging party. Come down and have a glass of wine and soak up some culture.



Last night in the throes of one of Calgary famous March blizzards, I stayed cozy by the fire resting with the cats. The yard has filled up with white, and the north side of trees and buildings are now lined with sticky snow. There was much shoveling to do today and now the wind is beginning to pick up.

Ego abstract paintingEgo 8 X 8 $120 @ ArtPoint

ArtPoint opened it’s Members Abstract Show last night, which will be on for the entire month of March. I knocked off four small abstracts as an exercise to loosen up and get back in the flow.

Experimenting with no expectations to interfere with the process can be fun, a return to basics. When I was teaching myself to paint I had done several pieces that were abstract.

Blue abstract paintingThis was the first one I did. It starts with a simple idea, yet once begun it takes on a life of it’s own. Like unwrapping a present, the results can be astonishing.

Blue 10 X 10 $200 @ ArtPoint

Being a member of an artist community can be stimulating when circumstances arise which allow for new challenges. All we experience is a building block for the next step in the continuing process. Should be interesting to see what turns up next.

Fabulous News!

birds in a row

How I love to watch the birds feeding at this time of year. The addition of suet to the offerings has brought many. When I stroll through the garden at the side of the house they swoop upwards enmasse into the pines with a whisper of wings which quells the heart. Indeed the heart is as a little bird, sensitive and fluttering.

Now for the fabulous news. I have become a member of ArtPoint Gallery & Studios, which is an artist run society, studios and gallery. Upon submission of my portfolio, I was juried in by the jury of other artists. I am looking forward to contributing to the society and connecting and being part of a network of artists which will really be empowering.

Figure DrawingsThis means I still have to work at marketing and promoting my own art, but I have a place to show it, which will give me more visibility.

Being a member of ArtPoint will certainly help me take my art career to the next level. Their aim is to be a model for artist run cooperatives and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.

Monday night I attended the weekly Figure Drawing session at ArtPoint. Here are some bits and pieces resulting from drawing from a live model, one minute to twenty minutes sketches with charcoal and conte crayons. They are done fairly quickly and not necessarily complete. Wonderful practice while contributing to an inspiring head-space. May your head-space be awesome this week!