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Here Now

Vision Invite

I am still here and life has been busy! Preparing for my April art show is taking most of my free time at the moment, which is in the main gallery at ArtPoint this time. I am painting up a storm in order to fill the walls there, for my opening on April 9, 2010.

It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone and create from a new place. That is partly what my April show is about. The other part is about vision being an inner journey. Viewing, or creating the art takes one within to the inner relationship you have with all that you see.

When I booked the gallery, I had no idea I would have a promotion to Director of Education at the Music Academy. I am enjoying the work, and also brushing up on my guitar by taking a few lessons.

I am also on a health renewal plan, under the care of a homoeopathic physician. I am so grateful to have found this woman. I am feeling better already, if only as a result of someone taking me seriously.

My body is out of balance from a prolonged period of stress. At a certain point it is hard to know what one can attribute to the ageing process, and what is illness. A three to six month process, I am planning to bloom in June! By September, it will be all systems go.