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Reiki Energy Healing

Everything is Energy

Don’t get angry
Don’t worry
Be grateful
Work hard
Be kind to others

~Mikao Usui

A natural intuitive, I have always had an interest in natural healing. I first discovered my abilities when I was able to rid my mother of a migraine headache. By placing my hands in the area and letting the energy flow naturally it relieved her of the pain.

In cosmetology, one of the few professions that incorporates touch, I have worked with my hands for a long time. This was before I knew anything about Reiki.

I decided to learn Reiki training to manage my own energy system. Now I enjoy helping others to find peace and relaxation. I have been attuned to Level II, Usui Reiki, and will be taking the Master Level soon. I have obtained my Level I in Spring Forest Qigong healing, which is a compliment to my Reiki practice.

In performing Reiki treatments, I am allowing the universal flow of energy to come through me, and be directed to where it most needs to go. This can be done in person, or by distance.

In Person

Doing Reiki in person, I often incorporate sound, crystals and aromatherapy as a compliment to the session. Actual touch is not necessary, but is sometimes incorporated. In giving Reiki, I work to clear the energy blockages that may be hindering your well being. Hands are placed in your energy field, not necessarily on the body itself, although sometimes that may be advantageous. I use Young Living pure essential oils.

Distance Healing

We will prearrange a time to connect. You can find a comfortable spot to lie down and relax. We will spend about an hour, first grounding, then working on you. We can also connect by Skype although it is not necessary.


I can conduct distance healing sessions with you by donation. Suggested Donation $40 Book a session today.

Hair Makeup

Hair & Makeup by Deborah Robinson

zen-hair-makeup-biz-calgary-abcall-text Currently offering mobile hair services.

Calgary Hair Makeup
By Appointment
Call or text for available appointment times.


Does your hairstyle complement who you are now in this moment? I specialize in hard to manage hair; curly, thick, fine and multi-textured as well as colour. Consultations are FREE!


hair-contact-two hair-contact-one
Master stylist, colour specialist, colour corrections, expert haircuts, up-dos, & makeup. Advanced colour techniques such as ombre, balayage and many others personalized for you. Advanced training includes Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Martin Parsons, Redken, Goldwell, Sebastian and more.


You are my walking billboard!

“I want to say a tremendous thank you to all of my loyal clients! I have the best clients in the world. You have been with me for a several years, and now we are inseparable.”


Treat yourself to a little crown chakra therapy! Take time out for yourself.
Get a new look, or keep up the one you have. Add some colour for interest.   Be who you are!

Calgary Hairstylist
Deborah Robinson Stylist

Hair styling has been the connector for all my creative abilities & has supported me to branch out, into other mediums. My passion is for art, beauty, people & style. I believe in rendering a service of value with high integrity & I stand behind my work.

As a cosmetologist, I have experience doing hair & makeup for theatre, film, TV, photo shoots. I have entered and placed in competitions, taught hair and makeup. Previously the owner of a larger salon where I acted as operations manager, I was also creative team leader and collaborator. I did work with Apprenticeship & Industry training to give on the job training, and eventually became a hair instructor, then Provincial Examiner.

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What People Are Saying

“Deborah is amazing at her job! I am never disappointed as she is extremely attentive and consistent with creating exactly what I have asked for.” ~Kari
“Deborah Robinson gave me the best haircut I have ever had. She studied the type of hair I have and my head shape as well as my life style. Her coloring experience is most excellent. I highly recommend her and it would be worth your while to meet her for a consultation. Deborah is also considerate and has a nice touch with a friendly manner. Try Deborah if you are looking for excellent service. You won’t regret it.” ~Pam
“I’ve been going to Deborah for 15 years, and she is simply the best! I have difficult curly hair and she is always up for the challenge. She is amazing with color, and whatever color I feel like….well she makes it happen! Whenever I’ve gone anywhere else I’ve been disappointed, so I just keep coming back. Thanks Deb!” ~Barb
“She is personable, knowledgeable and caring. I always leave her salon hugely impressed and with a spring in my step as she always makes me feel like a new person ready to take on whatever life throws my way!” ~Joanne
“I have recommended her to many friends and family and they walk away with the same experience! She never disappoints!” ~Michelle

 I have found the best advertising is word of mouth. My client list is one that favors my hair styling know how, and makeup applications. I find it personally satisfying to give superb one on one personal service. New clients are always welcome.


Take Time …

Winter RaysTake time … to notice the beauty which is all around you. When snapping this shot, I was unaware of the multicoloured rays pouring down from the sun.

How many other things slip by unnoticed when we are deeply preoccupied and/or do not have a camera at hand?

Last night I did notice the snow was sparkling between lattice work, magical moonlight casting quiet twig shadows on softly lit snow. The rooftops, perfectly lined with white, against the gray overcast backdrop. I have not been so fortunate to capture night shots the way I have seen them, so I record them in my mind’s eye for future reference.

Calla Lily 6X6The artist eye records all of these things, for the quest of the artist is dependent upon this learning to see. This is a Calla Lily 6X6, I did on gallery wrap canvas. I have a few more little ones coming.

My trip to the Emily Carr show has been delayed until Sunday. I am choosing to fill the well with an artist friend after brunch although my natural instinct is to hide out in this cold weather. The only thing I know for sure is that I will not miss it, so you can expect a report soon.

Here is a most interesting quote from another Canadian artist
which to me describes the state of affairs very well. I am finding this to be so true.

“The creative process is not about the art. It is about the individual. Creative Process is the arrival of the individual toward comprehending the difference.”
©~RFM McInnis

Shepherds PieIf you don’t have time to read a book consider borrowing books on CD from the library. I am listening to “Dark Night of the Soul” by Thomas Moore.

My imaginings tell me the British school teacher in Sudan must be going through something like this at this very moment. I felt enraged when I heard about the incident. Saddened by the intolerance. Yet perhaps in her life, this is a necessary part of her journey. Who can judge? Yet my heart yearns for peace and acceptance for all.

On a lighter note, tonight I made a new recipe, a sort of shepherd’s pie, with ground beef/bison blend & lentils, garlic, onion, spiced with savory and thyme. The crust is made with cooked pureed carrot-cauliflower-potato, then baked in the oven. Delicious comfort food for a cold snowy night! Fighting sleep, yet longing for the warmth of my bed, I bid you adieu.