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Red Sky Morning

“Red sky in the morning … sailor take warning!”

This was the sunrise the other morning. Sure enough we had hail later in the day. I had one foot out the door on my way to the folk festival on Princes Island Park a couple of weeks ago when the rain hit. Thinking the storm may be short-lived I came back in and checked the forecast to find a severe thunderstorm watch.

Had a nap, when I awoke it was still going on, and it went on all night. Needless to say, my youthful adventuresome spirit did not endure, and I stayed home and strummed away on my own guitar as an alternative to strolling around muddied grounds, anticipating no where dry to sit. The weather has been strange this year.

Red Bee BalmHere is some red bee balm from my garden. The purple is done already, preferred by bees. I have heard the hummingbirds like the red though I haven’t seen any.

One of my cats has been exhibiting bizarre behaviour. The black Siamese has begun taking off from the yard. Neither have really done this up until now.

In my search for her Friday night, my flashlight came upon her in the churchyard grass stretched out like a beauty queen.

Lo and behold she was being courted by a black manx. I realized it was as though she were in heat, but she is fixed. Once I penetrated the zone she was in, I sent her flying down the sidewalk, the manx chasing her into our yard.

My other cat chased him out. Howls akin to a catfight ensued. My tortie spent the next while hissing at me, and hissing at her sister presumably for dragging home a stray. I kept them in for two days-grounded! As soon as I let them out on the third day-the black one took off looking for her boyfriend. In speaking with other people no one had heard of this type of behavior in a fixed female. Have you?

We also have a cat bylaw-they are not to be running loose, which is why I patiently trained them to stay in the yard. But then cats will be cats and that is that.

Bijou Beauty

Thanks to all who found time to watch my music video and to comment. More interesting projects are shaping up. You never know what it will be next. Even I can’t imagine sometimes!