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Certifiably Insane?

Certifiably Insane?

lone tree curlYou may think I am insane, when I tell you I have started yet another blog, entitled Tidbits. UPDATE DEC 2015: You will find these blog posts have been imported here.

It’s purpose is to have a separate place, where I could focus more on serious writing. I am not inferring you won’t find any humour from time to time. I have always written, ever since I can remember, and from a young age, devoured book after book. Books were where I lived, and to this day I have a huge collection, consisting of more than a ton of books, literally, over 2000 pounds.

I know this because when I moved south from the Arctic, they were weighed by the trucking company. One friend was horrified to think I would go to all the trouble of shipping them. Looking at her, hardly able to hide my disdain, I quickly changed the subject, knowing she would never understand my bibliophilic tendencies.

Here is my most recent article:
“Non-Representational Art: An Inevitability?”

I was subject to a certain chain of events recently, which has really jolted me into some sort of surreal reality. It seems as though in the upper echelon of art circles, non-representational art is considered to be the creme de la creme.

The people I spoke with, familiar with the art world, expressed the opinion that other forms of art, seem to be a stage that the artist is going through. I wonder if this means when my art matures, I too will be creating non-representational pieces.