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I Just Had to Laugh …

I Just Had to Laugh …

Well, I have decided you can rate your blog content is by the number of spam comments that have been blocked.

Vignettes my photo blog, has been running since April. With very little text, this one comes in with the lowest number of spam comments blocked.

My Tidbits blog which is comprised mainly of text, has been running since July. It wins out with about five times the number of spam comments blocked.

So … I just had to laugh when, after putting translation tools on my blogs, I started to receive multi-language spam in my personal email box. Actually, you can get the jist of them, and they can be quite hilarious when seen in another language.

Thank you Akismet for blocking most of those loser comments! If I had to delete all of them I would not have time to blog. Another thing, I want to know when spell check is going to recognize the words ‘blog’ & ‘spam’.