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New Mural


This is a sketch I did of the mural. The drawing is primarily for scale. The subject matter is organic, therefore, once I began painting I worked intuitively within the structure I had created. The wall was fourteen feet wide and eight feet high. I painted this in a master bedroom. An auspicious symbol, signing the contract on Chinese New Year was equally so. A great way to begin Year of the Horse.


Here is the finished mural, although you cannot really get the feeling of the presence it has while being in the same room with it. Below, you can see some close up shots of the details, including the gold accent, which glimmers in the light.

Mural painting requires large brushes and ladders, but also tiny brushes, like the ones I use for my miniatures. The subject must look good from a distance, as well as close up to the best effect. I really enjoyed designing and painting this one, and I welcome any queries regarding mural commissions.


Happy New Year 2014 New Story


An icy walk by the river recently while the sun was out. Calgary was one of the coldest places on earth just before the holidays and we have had lots of snow, the most in 112 years.

I am thankful for the Chinooks that lessen the strain of the winter. And today is mild bright and sunny.

Now the new year is upon us. I wrap the old year in thoughtful reflection to make way for new intentions. 2013 was a year in which I learned a lot about myself, how far I could push myself and how much tenacity I have. I worked a seasonal job while still on the lookout for something permanent. Lessons for art & music are on break until the new year.

The old story has leaving with the old year, and what I am letting go of are to be burned on paper in the fire. 2014 begins with a New Moon, a powerful time for setting intentions and the start of a new story. I am making decisions about what I will create this coming year, which is also going to be the Year of the Green Horse.

Painting has become like meditation and prayer for me. The season has been busy, selling some paintings at art fairs and here are two of my latest that I am very fond of. Had a great time painting these. Both are 6 X 6 on Gallery Wrap canvas. They are for sale. Please contact me, if you are interested.


Wishing you an abundant year in health, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial. Let us create and prosper in 2014.

Mission Accomplished


Well I did it! I surpassed 50,000 words, with a few hours to spare. This year, things went much slower for me, but then I had a couple of big pushes that drove me over the finish line.

It is a great feeling to achieve the required word count, despite the fact that the book itself is not finished. Of course this is just the first draft. I really feel this one is worth completing. I am going to reserve January for the rewrite, and I will pick away at finishing the first draft until then.

esoterica front

The novel is entitled ESOTERICA and the genre is magical realism. Oh and I even designed a cover this year for fun.

Here’s a short synopsis:

Story of woman artist, a sculptress, set in New York in the early twentieth century, whose family immigrated to the USA during the Mexican Revolution. Malinali Gohl was a trail blazer in the New York art world.

Malinali perseveres against all odds in a sea of tension and opposites, creating alliances that propel her into new worlds and uncover creations that will survive the test of time. In order to do so, Malinali must overcome ancestral patterns, illusion, discovering her inner visions and holding them steadfastly, while purifying her heart to make way for inspiration.

A journey of: Intuition – Illumination – Inspiration – The Angel of the Presence, which guides her addresses and supplies the solution to glamour, unveiling the authentic and uncovering the truth.

One deadline down, I can now move on to my next set of commitments, including two showings of art during the month of December. And there are parties coming up too! If you are at Waves Coffee- Springbank, be sure to take a look at my art which will be on display & for sale during the month of December, beginning Sunday, December 2, 2012. The address is 160- 30 Springborough Blvd S.W

Come and see me at Calgary’s newest craft fair, in Bridgeland on December 8, 2012, where I will have an assortment of smaller to medium sized works and artist made gifts for sale at Bridgeland Riverside Community Association. 917 Center Avenue NE, Calgary, AB. Hope to see you there!

Indian Summer


Golden leaves are scattered on the ground, like hundreds of mini suns. Thanksgiving has past, and we are still enjoying beautiful fall weather which is such a welcome rarity that I am grateful for. The hunter’s moon, the brightest of the year, spilled greenish grey pools of light, its penumbra shadows slipping between the beats of my heart.

me and guitar

The job search continues, and I hope I will find something permanent soon-in an area that is related to my to my passions. I really did not think it would take this long to find something suitable. There is a job out there for me somewhere where I can make a difference.

I am so enjoying teaching piano and guitar~it’s only part-time at the moment, but it is so thrilling to see the students learn and be excited about what they are doing. The gift of music is priceless, and one does not become a master at their trade, until they are able to pass it along to someone else. I am also rehearsing to re-enter the performance world, yet sorry to say the cats are not enthusiastic about my practice.


I went back to do another window, and here are all three. I like how all three tie together. Must go by at night and see the glow of the moon with the solar paint.

It paid to put out a call on Twitter in my city thread. Great timing to be sure, and now I have another possible small mural lining up. Interesting things are beginning to happen. Stay tuned … I am laying a lot of groundwork at the moment. Also, I just wanted to send out a special thank you to my loyal visitors. I will try to make my response time to comments a little quicker. This blog post I had started nearly three weeks ago. Sometimes I get carried away.

On My Easel


Warm hot summer winds come with traces of fondness, their dusty scent sparks deep remembering.

Here is what is on my easel. Two more roses in progress. I thought I might do a series of one dozen. These are number three and four, 12 X 12 in the early stages. The finished product will look different in colour.

What you see here is the under-painting, where I determine values and form. Then colours are applied over, often in glazes, or with the technique of scumbling for lighter colours. On the second one shown here I have begun that process. Number one and two can be seen in the previous blog post.


I started this post a couple of weeks ago, but my priority is looking for work. Besides revamping my art business I am getting things sorted here, and ready to launch into a new career~just waiting for the call!

Look me up on Google+ if you would like to connect there. Testing it out, as well as the chrome browser, which is functioning far better than my usual Firefox.

I intend to stay on Facebook as well where you can visit my artist page, and my ZenHairBiz page,and of course join me on Twitter if you are on there. The more the merrier. I love connecting.

I am doing a STUDIO CLEAR-OUT and have listed some specially priced items for sale in My Etsy Shop. Making room for the new. Remember this is a life redesign.

If you are in Calgary and wish to purchase any work directly from me, please contact me. I will even personally deliver. If you would like to be informed of my art news please subscribe to my newsletter, which I am building as we speak.

Life Redesign


Starting from ground zero is what it feels like. Truthfully, I think things are just occurring at a deeper level. It is a matter of toning muscles that have not been used in a while.

The beginning was slow, awkward and not without effort. The tubes of colour felt most familiar, like old friends. I had not picked up a brush for more than a year. My observations told me to focus on connecting my heart to what I was doing. Steps preceding the flow state can seem mechanical. When things do not feel natural it is a good idea to coax for optimal results.

I wanted some smaller pieces for the Ladybug Festival this coming weekend. So this is what I am working on and require some finishing touches. These are smaller than usual; 12 X 12, Acrylic on Canvas.

Once again I will be performing at 1:30 pm at Priddis Valley Gardens. Many other activities and performers will be part of the festivities. If you are in the Calgary area, consider bringing your family for a day of fun. The admission fee goes to the Healing Garden Charity, and the parking is abundant and free.

Rose 2

I have been restructuring my life from the inside out. As an artist, constantly embracing change keeps me fresh and aware and allow for new ways of looking at things.

My current job is ending, as the company I work for is taking a new direction. The Music Academy, thirty years running, is closing permanently at the end of June.

Having just moved house recently, there was an innate knowing that my job would change too. Life is like that, especially when one is undergoing a life redesign.

My position as Education Director has been successful and enjoyable. I have been fortunate to connect with some great people. Now it is time for a new assignment. Despite not knowing where I will land, the possibilities seem exciting.

In the market for employment, and open to a variety of opportunities, I know I will be guided to the right place. If you know of a fit, please connect us. Visit My LinkedIn Profile to see what I have to offer.

Thoughts on the Process of Art


In my soul searching I have come to a deeper understanding of some of the fundamentals regarding my creative journey.

The process of art is observation. Technical knowledge does not overrule observation at a conscious level.

Mindful seeing. The view is both internal, and external, microcosm, macrocosm, as it is within, so it is without. Sensing space between the lines and forms, data is filtered and new connections made.

Patterns emerge through lines and shapes, forms creating rhythm and texture. Our perception is a projector onto the canvas, reflecting the essence of inspiration.

A lifetime of observation delivers with smooth precision on the canvas effortlessly transformed by imagination. The place where pure expression exists without modification.


Balance is unspoken, an internal knowing. The integration of what at first appears to be opposing forces may be the only true reality.

‘”Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all/Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ ~Keats

A hushed moment, however fleeting, is etched into the mind forever. Trees in their grandeur allow gentle beauty that reaches to the depths of soul. Immersed in the golden pools of light, I gather the energies for the next creative manifestation.

Early Spring Remnants


The show is in the main gallery at Artpoint, and runs until the end of April. If you are in Calgary, and get a chance, stop down on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday during Gallery hours, or contact me for a private viewing!

Some of the pieces were rather large for this show, the largest being 48″ X 72″. This is Grasslands, a common sight in southern Alberta. Our gallery now has a blog, and created an article about my show! You can see a few more pieces there.


I think this one is my favourite.It is the one piece I find myself most intimately connected with, Quan-Yin, Goddess of Compassion. If you would like to see the show set up as well as other tidbits, check out my Facebook page.

I intend to do some gardening this summer. The arborists were here and did a fine job of sculpting the trees complete with yard cleanup. The seven huge pines were beginning to block out the light. It now feels so spacious. My gardening palette is ready!

Besides existing perennials, I have a vision for dahlias, hollyhocks, bleeding heart, callas, as well as some large sunflowers. A river trip is in order to find some smooth stones enhance and buildup my rock garden, which has been suffering neglect for the last two years.

I have my eye on a new digital camera. It seem my current one has almost run it’s course, thanks to enthusiasm and planned obsolescence. I have taken more than 20,000 pictures with it, so it has served me well.

This weekend is spring cleanup! Out with the old and into the new. Then I think a celebration will be in order to commemorate the months of hard work.

More Expansion

day lily

Belated Happy New Year Everyone! A fresh decade is off to a busy start. Has anyone noticed how the days seem to be moving rapidly, and seasons appear to be interchangeable.

First painting of the new year!
Day Lily- Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20. This was done from a photograph I took of the day lilies I grew in my garden. Speaking of gardening, I am already thinking up some ideas for the coming gardening season, with faith that this year will be a good year for horticulture.

More hollyhocks, and some sunflowers along the side of the garage. This is a year of transformation, and the remaining old paint will peel off and be sanded, making way for fresh paint.

I have received a promotion at work to Music Academy Director! I am enjoying the work and the people there, and grateful for the opportunity!

Things have been busy, and I must have some new paintings for my April Art Show, as I have reserved the main gallery at ArtPoint. I will try to keep you posted on my progress. For now I will post this, because I started this post one month ago exactly!

Sneak Peek

Silk PoppyTime for something bright and cheery. My upcoming show is not just about trees.

I couldn’t possibly get away with not showing flowers.

This one will be at ArtPoint for the Nov. 6 Opening through Nov. 28.

I suppose it is right on time for Remembrance Day. However I have named this one ‘Silk’; Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 24.

Pretty much every red pigment was used in the painting of this poppy. One thing I have found is red is most difficult to photograph, so if you can come down and see the real thing that would be best!

I was tempted to keep the new work for the show concealed until the opening, but you readers who are not in the area would miss out.

rosehip-snowFriday I spent time with a good friend. Had a treatment on her Migun massage bed, took the dog for a walk, and soaked under the stars in the outdoor hot tub. Pleiades was clearly visible. As our eyes searched skyward, we both saw a shooting star! Beautiful.

That turned out to be the last day of fall, as the next morning we had snowflakes the size of teaspoons! Some has since melted, and now we once again have milder temperatures. Hard to know what season we will have on any given day around here. I am still mourning the autumn that passed us by this year.