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Embracing Change


The winds of change have been blowing strong. I have a sense that I could not go back now, even if I wanted to.

Cool night wind on my skin one evening recently did not chill me. It only served to freshen my awareness of the changing landscape.

This magnificent sunset prompted me to pull over. Later that night the sky cleared revealing the big dipper directly above. The night sky sprinkled with sparkling mystery. Nothing could have foretold the natural disaster that followed.

The state of emergency in Calgary was lifted two weeks after it began. Flooding has resulted in much damage and a long road to recovery lies ahead. Much has been lost but the spirit of the people has really strengthened community. I am saddest about the many parks and natural areas which have been altered dramatically.


People have stepped up in a big way and magic is occurring. Basements cleared of mud and silt, ruined appliances moved out and tons of garbage removed. We know what we can do under pressure.

Cooperation and collaboration allows us to do more than any one person could do on their own.

I am thinking of the opportunity the flood can bring. Perhaps the cleansing will help people to start fresh. It may prompt less emphasis on external and material things. More people now understand what it is like to be displaced and the evacuations did not favour any particular economic group. Having seen the speed with which temporary housing is being created, I wonder if we could end homelessness.

In my own life I have seen how nothing stays the same, not for a moment. And most things are temporary. I have been afraid to jump, and now that I have, I see the cause of pain and misery is resistance.

I am beginning to understand what free-falling feels like. I am creating my own life, making it up as I go along. An art project has come my way, a small mural. I have a music gig next weekend. It’s a start. I trust the universe will send me what I need.

What I Need

Bird on a WireWhat I Need

I began this post over two weeks ago, then somehow got distracted. Like a bird on a wire I have been trying to do the balancing act. Not sure why, as it seems I haven’t accomplished much. Sometimes when so much energy is spent on basic survival, little is left for creating wonderful things.

The full moon and eclipse earlier this month seemed to arouse a raw primal energy which thankfully seems to have softened. Regardless of the amount of effort exerted in the last while, things have been stagnant, unwilling to budge. It is an in between time, where I am trying to organize myself for the inevitable frenzy.

Forest PondWhat I need is calm, quiet, and serenity. Give me a sanctuary far from this madness. I have been fall cleaning, which includes, but is not limited to decluttering, reorganizing trying to clear the energies around here to make room for the new!

A nesting ritual of sorts, it is my contribution to the Canadian tradition of readying oneself for hibernation, a long stretch indoors. My focus has been diluted, causing me to be easily distracted. I tell myself it is a necessary stepping stone to what is to follow.

River Silvered leaves have raised their underside to the moonlight, trees swaying in anticipation. Rains have come, full and steady, rolling off the roof and trickling into little rivers at the side of the house.

My hope for the yellowing leaves, sure to fall, is for a gradual descent.

Time stands still, like the darkness in the morning, which awaits an earlier dawn. Daylight savings time has been delayed. The dark mornings make me wonder why the change is supposed to be an improvement. Old habits die hard, even with the promise of rebirth.

Change & All That

Change & All That

My Peonies

Weather has taken a turn toward fall … rather shocking after such a heat wave. Just got my peonies in last week, which will be ready for enjoyment next summer. I have had the fireplace on for several days, as it is this very moment while I write this.

Seems to be happening way too soon, though a reminder of how things can change at the drop of a hat. A few of the leaves in my hedge have turned colour, perhaps not frost, but a precursor to it. Cool August nights under starry skies. Joys of living at a higher altitude.

Rear ViewYou will be seeing no more pictures of my paint peeling fence as a backdrop to my garden flowers. Tomorrow the demolition begins … not sure how old the fence is exactly, yet I am guessing around fifty years old. This has been in the works since I wrote the post about fence builders last year. The house was to be painted this summer too. Got the quote, but the guy cannot do it until next year.

Wind whispers a premature chill, while personal change continues to spur me forward. Prompted, I re-evaluate some things in my own life. The process never ends. Secretly wanting to arrive is illusion. Much work has yet to be done.

Such a fine line we walk at times. When the hoop you are called upon to jump through seems small, try containment. Then, as if your very life depended upon it, squeeze through, rising above the resistance. Feel your energy tighten, spiraling upwards, bringing new focus. The resulting energy lock will transport you to a higher energetic frequency and consciousness.

Becoming more conscious carries with it personal accountability, which means owning all the parts of yourself, perceived good and bad. Delve deep, one step at a time. New found freedom, a direct result of your empowerment, is well worth striving for.

Peeling Paint

The Journey

The Journey

Now that change is underway in my life, I feel like a train that is finally pulling out of the station. It is the wind blowing through my solar plexus chakra.

tree danceThis change thing is difficult when you are thinking about doing it. Once the process begins, there is no way you can stop it.

The chain of events has been set in motion and impossible to turn back.

A freeing feeling, filled with relief after so much uncertainty fueled by my resistance. On the open road now, I am empowered by my intuition and the ability to take risks. Jumping into change is a risk in itself, yet never goes unrewarded.

Still uncertainty will always be there, but it is quelled by feeling things are falling into place the way they are supposed to. I am reading “Art & Fear” at the moment. Here is a quote from the book which talks about the fear of making art.

” …viewed objectively these fears obviously have less to do with art than they do with the artist. And even less to do with the original artworks … “~D Bayles & T Orland

This has been my experience first hand, for a time now. Having worked through a lot of issues, now a light is beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel. No secret to anyone, as I have talked about this in earlier posts. I am not suggesting these things shall magically disappear. More change, more humps to get over, will always remain constant.

Of course it is all taking much longer than I had hoped. Isn’t that the way it usually happens? But, hey … what is the rush? It is the journey that counts.



yard viewMy Front Yard, First signs of fall are beginning to make themselves known. Trees are beginning to change colour and frost has been predicted.

I have the gas fireplace burning to take the chill off.

Talk about hectic. A week of transformation while the routine of my life shifts. Not to say that is bad. I am just wrapping my brain around the changes which are happening. I am crawling out of my cocoon while the rest of the world heads toward hibernation. September, for me, is always a time for big change. Fall feels like the beginning of the new year. Perhaps it is a hangover from school days.

I began my first training session today for my new position. It went very well. Lots of information, and the feeling I am right where I am supposed to be. Our facilitator, is a Doctor of Psychology, an energetic highly knowledgeable woman. Her experience in the field of disabilities spans more than thirty years. I feel fortunate to be part of this experience.

I haven’t had much time to paint or visit blogs this week. I shall be visiting you soon. My weekend will free me up for painting and such. I hope to have something new to show you very soon. Don’t give up on me just yet!

New Pair of Shoes

New Pair of Shoes

ribbons-of-fireHuman beings are creatures of habit, or so it seems. Yet we are told the only thing that remains constant is change. Just the sound of the word makes me want to dig in my heels, and come to a screeching stop.

Changing can be a choice. Change is a verb. Effecting change is just that. One has to take the first step. Beginning can be, often is, the difficult part. Choosing change requires empowering oneself to explore new worlds, while letting go of the old. Once the decision is made, a chain of events will be set in motion, taking you to a new time and space.


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