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Staying Warm

Staying Warm

warm catsThese cats know how to keep warm. Look at those spoiled little devils! They have the warmest spot in the house. They are laying on their quilts my fabulously talented Mom made for them, monogrammed with their names on them. My friend gets a kick out of seeing them go into the proper beds with their own names on them.

Outside this morning I shoveled snow, with a -39C wind chill. Took me longer to get bundled than it did to shovel! They say this cold snap may give about mid week. I sure hope they are right. People have just given up trying to do anything in this weather. Going out means risking frostbite, transportation is difficult, with accidents everywhere. Used to be we would all rough it. Now if you don’t have to go out, you do not.

I managed to do my domestic engineer routine today. Can’t seem to do much until I finish clearing my space, and my QI energy begins to flow again. Still purging. Maybe soon that will be over too and I will start painting again. I do have the mural mid December so that will be fabulous fun and a kick start as well. I am so far behind, I am bound to be early for next year. Meanwhile, I will try to stay warm.

More Beans Please

More Beans Please

Man it is so cold here … and getting colder. All the Canadian winters I have survived, and I am not sure I can make it through this one. This is where the benefits of global warming come in. At least for us in this frozen wasteland. BRRRRRRRR.

beanoI was at my favourite coffee shop just before the weather turned. A touch of Europe, here in the wild west. Best beans in town, my regular pilgrimages to Cafe Beano

guarantee the ‘nectar of the soul’ runs freely at home. Good coffee is not something I can do without, so it tops my list of must haves.

coffeeGeeeezzzzzz it is only November, and cabin fever is already settling in. When it is cold like this, I just want to crawl under the covers and hide until it warms up. Wishful thinking on my part, especially when I have so many things to do. I see it is snowing again, birds are no where to be found. I have often wondered where they go to keep warm.

Too busy thinking about what I should be doing, rather than what I want to do. That free day finally arrives, & my motivation seems to have gone out the window. Hmmmmmm. Can you say burnout? Ah well, a couple more cups of steaming java, and I may find the energy to do something.

The PJ Report

I finally succeeded in getting the agitator out of the washer, and have managed to free my pajama bottoms! Whew.