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Nature of Mind

Nature of Mind

Abstract Lotus ‘digimanip’ © dlrobinson
abstract lotusNo one can be sure of the nature of the mind. It is an ancient mystery which keeps us in awe. The search leads us to uncover more, so we may understand ourselves and humanity. A never ending search, we contemplate with thoughtful reflection.

The nature of the mind questions what is reality, illusion, existence. How do we know the answers to any of these? Unless we are telepathic, we can not possibly know what goes on in the internal introspective world of each individual. The nature of things continues to be a mystery.

The mind-matter distinction is not a new concept. It was brought to prominence by Descartes in the seventeenth century, although the concept has been found to exist in ancient Hindu writings. Plato, first to coin the phrase, was considered to be the first dualist. Aristotle had written on this subject as well. Much study has yet to be done on how mind and matter interact.


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