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Aspects of Reality

Aspects of Reality

citron fractalArt is concrete, while philosophy is abstract. My love of philosophy allows me to obtain some of my ideas from abstract thoughts. The challenge becomes creating work concretely & significantly in form, colour, all the elements of design. We have the facts, then we have the perception of what is real.

The artist observes, learning to see is crucial. Originality is not influenced by the judgments of others. The conclusions others tend to draw about a particular artist and their work, may or may not be true. What the viewer sees is only true for themselves. The artist has a different sense of what is. Synchronization exists when the communication has a value of truth for both the artist and the viewer.

Parallels can be drawn with subjective and concrete, with objective and abstract coinciding. Subjective is what the individual knows. Objectivity is the other side of the coin. We cannot say for sure that anything that exists beyond one’s own mind and self exists. How do we know if what we see is real, or merely illusion?


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