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Tis the Season …

Tis the Season …

natures paintbrushTis the season …HARFE109

to be busy … fa la la la la …la … la la la la. I have my finger in every pie, as usual. Christmas has crept up on me this year, with all the busi-ness trying to complete old projects, as well as taking on a few new ones.


I am now writing articles for two websites, on a Latest Health Treatments Website and also an About my Planet Environmental Website. I am enjoying the opportunity to hone my writing skills, while being in touch with two important areas of interest to me. I have two murals lined up for early in the New Year, two paintings to finish this week, and a host of other things that may or may not come in twos. LOL.

My aim between now and the end of the year, is to set myself a schedule, in order to manage my time effectively. My work these days is piecework, so I need to be organized to get it all done without forgetting anything.

At this time of celebration, take time to remember to be thankful for all you possess. Let giving fill your heart with joy. It doesn’t matter what you have and what you do not have, as long as you do have generosity of spirit.

Many wonderful carols have been written for this time of year. Although hard to choose, I would have to say my most favorite is ‘The Huron Carol’, also know as the ‘Coventry Carol’ or ‘Twas in the Moon of Winter Time’ written by BRÉBEUF, JEAN DE 1593-1649. This carol is one of the oldest Canadian traditions. Here is a beautiful instrumental rendition by the classical guitarist Don Ross.


Best Wishes
happiness, health
peace & prosperity
be yours
for the holidays,
the coming year
& always.