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Artistic Life Design

Artistic Life Design

I am creating a new artistic life design as a creative entrepreneur.  The long days of summer are on us now and yet I have a propensity for sleeping in the afternoon. My best work seems to shape itself around nocturnal melodies. Artistic life design sometimes requires one to make sacrifices. But there are also payoffs. Ingenuity is a must to organize oneself in the most comfortable efficient way.

Flexibility is a wonderful thing although ‘living the dream’ sometimes gives me the same feeling as skipping school. The truth is none of us need permission to run our own show. For me it is the best way I can serve. I know people are out there who need my skills. We need to live our passion. Managing myself is like leading more than one person, due to my love of so many things.

About Grief

For those who know me, it is no secret I have been in transition for a very long while. Part of it is the stage of life I am in and the rest has been partly triggered by grief.  Grief can have a larger effect on us than we first realize. The whole process has devastated me, influencing my personal relationships and my finances.

Unknowingly, when my brother died several years ago it set something off deep within me. A downward slide occurred and I found myself being stuck in the quicksand far deeper than I would have ever imagined. Then, a few short years later my father was also gone and it has not been that long. He knew me well as fathers know their daughters and pegged me as an artist by the time I was 16 years old.

Of course I see all these experiences as a necessary part of living. Everyone has had their sorrows and we grow from them. I will emerge victorious as my tears turn to sweet memories.

Finding My Way

It has been five years to the day since I was laid off from my regular job. Steady work has been a pipe dream since I never found another, so my income fluctuates from month to month. My focus is on building up my creative businesses.

I am grateful for those who have stood by me and have helped in so many ways. Part of the message here is I must do what I am here for. I think some amazing songs will come out of this. From chaos comes creativity. I want to share my talents with the world, for that is my purpose.

All my life, I have been an overachiever, accomplishing what I had set out to do and reaping the financial rewards. That is not to say there have not been hard times, however everything I have needed has come to me, one way or another. I am ready to move beyond that and now ask for more. A simple financial miracle would be most welcome.


I have found mostly piece work, small contracts and somehow it buys me another day, week or month on this planet. A larger project would really help to stabilize things for me. I have put in bids on some murals. The right project has not appeared yet.

Besides hairdressing, freelance writing, teaching and some musical gigs, I also restored artwork on a vintage sign (10 ft X 12 ft)for a hipster café that will reopen soon. I will share once it is has officially been announced. I would love to do a mural this summer. Have a look at my murals here. I am also available for live music performances, including house concerts.

I also did some architectural drawings for a builder. I had not done any technical drawing for some time, and there are many difficult angles on these. They are hand-drawn, 15 X 20 on illustration board. Most of what is here is what the renovations will look like when complete.

artistic life design
Front view, sandstone siding added, tree relocated, driveway expanded, retaining wall added & doorway moved.
artistic life design
Side view, decorative concrete patio, waterfall/fireplace feature, another retaining wall added.
artistic life design
Side of house, glass canopy & glass room added & decorative concrete retaining wall.
artistic life design
Back view, patio extended in concrete connecting to lower level & stairs added.



I often think of Elton John’s song, “Where To Now St. Peter?” in times of transition. It has always touched me in a mysterious way, sticking out,  despite being one of his more obscure creations. Indeed, if it is about a soldier, we are all soldiers in this life.


Writing; Writer for Hire

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Currently, I develop content for websites. I enjoy researching to help place you as an expert in your field. Please hire me to write for your business and help create your content. In the early days, I designed text ads. If you need assistance, get in touch. 

Writing for search engine optimization will make you visible in the search results. I am accustomed to writing for marketing. My broad scope of interests and research skills allow me to write on several topics.

Topics I specialize in, but am not limited to, are health, environmental, green technology, job search, organizational psychology, real estate, construction, building, renovations, design, creative process, philosophy and lifestyle. I can write extensively on business, art, music and the beauty industry as I have the technical knowledge and experience.

I do freelance work by contract and for marketing and small businesses. Professional content samples of my work are available upon request.

Only a little creative writing here so far, I know. In the meantime, you can visit my blog here. I’m on Medium too!

Storytelling and writing have always been intricate parts of my life. Those who know me can attest to me knowing a million stories. I kept journals even as a child and always enjoyed making up stories and poetry. I took some writing courses at the university, creative and novel-writing, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also, I completed the songwriting course through Berklee online. Written projects are in progress. I will post things here when they become available. I would like to release a book of short stories soon.

Blogging was something I never imagined myself doing, yet once I started, it became addictive. As a blogger since 2005, I have always written. It became a valuable tool for sharing my creative projects and interests, and a way to set goals for myself. Let me help you achieve your goals too.



Peony WIPProcess


The work continues on my two latest. I am concentrating on allowing the natural process of art to flow from the unconscious, while hopefully not engaging interference from the ego.

John Ruskin explains in his book Emotion and Art how it is not the stages of creating art which are problematic, but the mismanagement of these states which are the issue. This is a very good book, not only for artists, but also for anyone who is working through emotional issues.

In reading this, I was able to understand my difficulty in finishing works. I thought it was my perfectionist tendencies. Now a new light has been shone on the subject. I have been mismanaging the stage in the artistic process which comes after a finished work, which most often includes depression.

Flow WIPSo depression is not the problem, it is our inability to manage this. Who wants to be depressed? Wouldn’t it be better to be in a high state all of the time? This is not a realistic plan, although the subconscious rapidly processes things, without our knowing.

This is a good way to end up in a burnout situation, as you haven’t allowed the lows to balance out the highs. Suppressing negative feelings is what got us into difficulty in the first place. Using this time to replenish our energy, will keep us in an optimal state. Moving with the ebb and flow of life, allows us to manage each stage. The artistic process, properly used, can promote healing and spiritual growth.

It is important to create awareness around the feelings that come up, while being able to step outside those feelings. Ruskan suggests we observe them from a ‘witness’ perspective, rather than becoming overwhelmed by them. Being on overload is not going to make us receptive to anything. Naturally it will encourage us to reject these feelings. This provides ample opportunity to project onto others. We are trying to achieve balance. Part of doing so includes opening the window to the unconscious. We need acceptance for all that flows through us.

I still have a way to go … but hey … I am on the path. 

You may have heard about the death artist Ken Danby, only 67. If you would like to express condolences or comment this blog has been set up for accolades. He found his fate while canoeing in Algonquin Park. Tom Thompson, artist of group of Seven fame, mysteriously disappeared in this park, and was found to have died there.



crow collage
All right faithful readers, I am still not finished my hibiscus. This one has become a huge stumbling block to overcome, although I feel I am almost there.

The hindrance exists in the state of my psyche. I am going through some major life changes.

No doubt change is difficult for me. What do I need to give up, in order to allow new things in my life? ‘Darkest before the light’ is what comes to mind. Once I overcome these obstacles, I feel my creative will explode.

The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light. ~Joseph Campbell

Here is a little digital manipulation for your viewing pleasure, to hold you over. I am having fun playing around with this digital stuff. At the top of my wish list is a Wacom Tablet. Drawing with a mouse isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Off to paint …