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One of the newest trends in business is Crowdsourcing which is, in less common terms, is the rise of the amateur.

Have an idea? Want to get paid for it? Want to contribute to projects, structured much like the open source projects, only get paid for your work?

Welcome to crowd sourcing, where the crowd decides yay or nay. I love the idea. Professionals may feel nervous about it, yet, why not utilize the skills of any individual who wants to put in the time and effort, for the betterment of all.

I have joined Cambrian House, a Calgary based company, with an internet community, who puts crowd sourcing into action. In only 16 days since launching their website, they have 100,000 visitors to their credit. This company requires that your idea appeal to the masses, and must be able to be realized on the internet.

Now, I have submitted my first idea. Fellow bloggers, especially those of you on this blog service, may have noticed that many of the blogs are not in English.

Blogging is huge, and has become an international sport. Let’s take down the borders, by connecting with other bloggers, regardless of what language they are blogging in.

My idea is for a blog translator. Check it out! I would love to have your support. Click on the link below, if you like my idea, and vote for it!