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Take Time …

Winter RaysTake time … to notice the beauty which is all around you. When snapping this shot, I was unaware of the multicoloured rays pouring down from the sun.

How many other things slip by unnoticed when we are deeply preoccupied and/or do not have a camera at hand?

Last night I did notice the snow was sparkling between lattice work, magical moonlight casting quiet twig shadows on softly lit snow. The rooftops, perfectly lined with white, against the gray overcast backdrop. I have not been so fortunate to capture night shots the way I have seen them, so I record them in my mind’s eye for future reference.

Calla Lily 6X6The artist eye records all of these things, for the quest of the artist is dependent upon this learning to see. This is a Calla Lily 6X6, I did on gallery wrap canvas. I have a few more little ones coming.

My trip to the Emily Carr show has been delayed until Sunday. I am choosing to fill the well with an artist friend after brunch although my natural instinct is to hide out in this cold weather. The only thing I know for sure is that I will not miss it, so you can expect a report soon.

Here is a most interesting quote from another Canadian artist
which to me describes the state of affairs very well. I am finding this to be so true.

“The creative process is not about the art. It is about the individual. Creative Process is the arrival of the individual toward comprehending the difference.”
©~RFM McInnis

Shepherds PieIf you don’t have time to read a book consider borrowing books on CD from the library. I am listening to “Dark Night of the Soul” by Thomas Moore.

My imaginings tell me the British school teacher in Sudan must be going through something like this at this very moment. I felt enraged when I heard about the incident. Saddened by the intolerance. Yet perhaps in her life, this is a necessary part of her journey. Who can judge? Yet my heart yearns for peace and acceptance for all.

On a lighter note, tonight I made a new recipe, a sort of shepherd’s pie, with ground beef/bison blend & lentils, garlic, onion, spiced with savory and thyme. The crust is made with cooked pureed carrot-cauliflower-potato, then baked in the oven. Delicious comfort food for a cold snowy night! Fighting sleep, yet longing for the warmth of my bed, I bid you adieu.