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A Day in the Life





Just another day in the life … The minute I crawl out of bed, I put on a pot of the ‘Nectar of the Gods’. Brushing my teeth while computer boots up, the coffee is soon ready. I diddle around for far too long on the computer, until I am warmed up to paint.

I discover in my email an invitation to join someone’s blog community, so I check out his profile. He is in France(must be those translation tools again), looks to be about twenty something, and has four pictures of himself, shirtless, showing off a six pack, if indeed it is him. I look at his blog. He has five hundred and thirty five friends, with a tag someone has left him, asking “How many of them are close friends?”

I go off to the studio with another coffee and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. I find it helpful to take breaks between painting sessions, and I usually pick up on my way through the house, a fragile attempt at housework. Sometimes I even cook something.

Paint some more, even though the housework is only half finished. I decide to take a bath. I book a couple of client appointments while I am in the bath. Usually I have a bath before I go to work, so the cats immediately start sulking, convinced I am going out, and they won’t get playtime in the yard.

I take them out, my hair dries in the sun, reading ‘Art and Fear’ in the garden, while they wait for me to drag a stick across the ground, so they can fight over who is going to get to chase it first.
I notice the sun is going down, spectacular with the smoky haze coming from the fires in Montana. It casts a golden glow.

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