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Rare Beauty

Water LeavesScarcely possible to believe it is Nov.  Snow has melted. I am enjoying the reprieve, although it may be short lived.

My yard was an unusually popular attraction the other day for several cats, one of whom I think was homeless. A long haired beauty, chocolate brownish black, my heart strings got a work out. At one point it was resting on the pile of mulch by the peonies.

I thought they were up to something-mine were inside and not happy about it. Now I threw out the last bit of the never ending pot of chili, and low and behold-those cats had quite a feed-and what a mess! More visitors have appeared since we got the new fence-too much space between the fence and the ground-so they can get in under-I will fill that with soil, but probably not until spring.

These are the details for a lovely book I found in the thrift shop yesterday. Of course the mural work, has spurred an interest in the history of decorative art, and this book is a lovely reference.

OSBORNE, HAROLD, ED., An Illustrated Companion to the Decorative Arts … Ware, Wordsworth Editions, 1989. xiv, 865p., numerous b/w illus., quarto format, dj. USD 65.00

It appears to be out of print, and hard to find, and I got it for three dollars. On my way to pay a woman let out a cry, “Oh there’s my book! I went back for it and it was gone.” Not willing to part with it, on my way out the door I said, “Sorry about the book.” She was toting a book about teas. Timing is everything!

Handpainted Wrought Iron

Here is my first Tromp L’Oeil (trick the eye) wrought iron, painted by hand-no stencil used here. I really enjoyed it, though freehand is quite challenging, on the first attempt anyway. This is about eight feet wide. The background was done with a French wash first. For some much more astonishing examples check out this Wiki Article.