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Creative Diversions

Earth DayAround my neighborhood, no sign of earth day could be found. Some even had their porch lights on. This is my studio during earth hour. Not sure if candles were to be allowed, but this was my consorted effort.

I thought it might be fun to paint by candlelight, as did the old masters. Very appropriate for working on ‘the dead layer’ which, when finished, is supposed to look as though it were lit by moonlight. It certainly did shine a different light on the subject-no pun intended.

African PaintingThis is a workshop I am taking in early April. Looks like fun! My plan is to go in as though I don’t know anything, so I can open myself to new possibilities. Recently I have been fortunate enough to connect with some other artists with similar interests.

I understand there may still be a couple of spots left in the workshop.

Preparations are underway for my Art Exhibit and Sale April 12 and 13, 2008. Not far off, with much to do. If you plan to be in Calgary, do stop by for some creative viewing! It would be lovely to see you.

hotchpotch art exhibit