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I was inspired by Emily Carr’s: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon at the Glenbow. The exhibit was a smash, so much so, that I went twice. How wonderful to be surrounded by all her amazing works of art. I went back on my own, sometime before the show closed in January.

For the moment I am still assimilating the incredible sensory overload I experienced. It was like being transported to another world of turquoise, trees and totems and airiness of skies and light.

Let me tell you people, seeing works of art in a book is lovely. Having them at your fingertips for easy reference is great, but nothing compares to seeing the works in person. Something magical and sacred is involved in being surrounded by the energy, the forms, and the colours. I do believe something has reached me by osmosis. It knocked me out, like energy shifting, specifically in the solar plexus region.

I have her writings which I have not read, but I can assure you, my Emily Carr Omnibus, which includes most of her writings, has soared to the top of my reading list. It is incredible to think what that woman accomplished. Aside from the large body of work she produced, she was able to transcend many hardships. Being a woman, and blazing a trail like she did at that time is truly an inspiration to me.

All of that said, here are a couple of small offerings I have begun and nearly finished. I started the ‘Forest Path’ before the exhibit and worked on it afterwards. ‘Mountain Sunset’ was done the evening when I got home from the show. Both were painted from photographs taken by me. These are 8 X 8 on gallery wrap canvas.

forest paintingmountain sunset painting

“The spirit must be felt so intensely that it has power to call others in passing, for it must pass, not stop in the pictures.”
~Emily Carr

Artful Cheer

Snow FleursArtful cheer is what sustains me as the nights grow longer, and mornings are dark. I think to myself, only another month, and light will begin to increase. I hold my breath, waiting for movement; expansion.

The monotony has been broken by a snowfall. Sun is out now. Ice crystals cascade glimmering from the branches.

Caroler CostumeIf you see this hat and these boots somewhere in the next little while, you may be at a Christmas market, or out shopping and being serenaded by Carollers, of which I am one.

We go out in quartets, spreading Christmas cheer with song. I made my hat, and the boots were a thrift shop find! We were at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market last Friday night. A beautiful venue, with lots of interesting goodies. Had a bite to eat there, and left with coffee and cream fudge for the ride home.

“The Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron, speaks of the artist’s date. The purpose is to fill the well, the inner well we create from. This is something you do on your own, providing you with the opportunity to take out, pamper and listen to your inner artist.

I am heading to the Glenbow Museum for my artist date, to see the Emily Carr exhibit. Stay tuned for a review. Perfect inspiration, as some large canvasses(3 feet by 4 feet) are awaiting paint here, and I am planning a landscape series.

If time permits I will stop at a couple of other galleries. My mission is also to find a venue to sell some of my work as well. It needs to be out there and needs to be seen!

Snow Shadows