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More Expansion

day lily

Belated Happy New Year Everyone! A fresh decade is off to a busy start. Has anyone noticed how the days seem to be moving rapidly, and seasons appear to be interchangeable.

First painting of the new year!
Day Lily- Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20. This was done from a photograph I took of the day lilies I grew in my garden. Speaking of gardening, I am already thinking up some ideas for the coming gardening season, with faith that this year will be a good year for horticulture.

More hollyhocks, and some sunflowers along the side of the garage. This is a year of transformation, and the remaining old paint will peel off and be sanded, making way for fresh paint.

I have received a promotion at work to Music Academy Director! I am enjoying the work and the people there, and grateful for the opportunity!

Things have been busy, and I must have some new paintings for my April Art Show, as I have reserved the main gallery at ArtPoint. I will try to keep you posted on my progress. For now I will post this, because I started this post one month ago exactly!


This weekend I will be in Drumheller, Alberta, ‘Canada’s badlands’, on Canada day, where I will be displaying and selling my art, in the park, during their Arts Festival. It is desert country, and it will be hot hot hot. A unique way to spend Canada day, complete with fireworks.

Here is one of the pieces I will be taking with me, just off the easel!

extravagance poppy paintingIn Canada, the long winters are conducive to hibernation. Disappearing from sight, for months at a time became a habit of mine, during the twelve winters I spent in the Canadian Arctic. For my own survival, winter projects were lined up, in advance.

Now it is glorious summer, time to branch out, explore. Time to fill the well. Summer is the time for expansion, as the light increases, so does my energy.

My friend and I are booked in a lovely turn of the century Bed & Breakfast house. My plan is to do some exploring, photography, and sketching if time permits. I will take a portable painting kit, to work on some WIP while I am at my booth. I will have miniatures for sale, as well as larger works. Now if I can get my display plan finalized, I will be all set to go!