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View from Here

View from Here

my office

Many ways to stay warm. Still snowing while the cold snap continues. Woes of February, shortest and cruelest month of the year, if you live in Canada. This is the view from my office. The trees are heavily laden with snow. You cannot see in this photo, but I can see the bird feeders from my desk.


stay warm


No birds around today though. Except the pigeons roosting at my neighbor’s place. Sometimes I hear their cooing soothing sounds in the dead of winter. Signs of surviving life in the otherwise silent snow.



autumn snowy windowCats are feeling cooped up, waiting for birds at the window who never make an appearance. How can I tell the cats spring is just around the corner when I am trying to convince myself?

Truly, we are due to have a Chinook tomorrow. It is amazing the temperature can vary here by twenty to thirty degrees in one day. The rest of the week promises balmy temperatures and sunshine. I feel a bout of spring fever coming on!