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Time for a new fence here,
the posts are rotting,
a windstorm blew over
part of the fence, not so long ago,
a state of disrepair, now held up
by two wood poles. Both neighbours
on either side are in agreement
to split the cost. Yet fence builders
are no where to be found around here.

A funny thought occurred to me,
the other day while weeding,
I happened to notice
all of the fences on my street need work.
It is an older neighbourhood, and the
house I am living is close to one hundred
years old. Has anyone ever tried to find
a fence builder?


I thought to myself,
if a fence builder were to come here,
he would have his work cut out for him.
Most fences, at least in this neighbourhood,
are shared between neighbours,
so if you next door neighbour
decides to split getting a fence built
he will want to do
the other side,
and so on down the line.

So perhaps that is the problem.
I’ll bet the fence builder is like the portrait
artist who can have work lined up for years.
Perhaps, this is an example, of how to get synergy
working in our lives. Just begin, like the fence
builder, and the rest takes care of itself.

Allow the action of natural forces,
a process not stimulated by intent,
yet rather by synergy, to take over
its dynamic state, consisting of the
working together of all components.

, described ‘flow experience’,
as that which consists of having clear goals,
focus, with action and awareness.
In the ‘flow state’, one experiences
an altered sense of time, effortless action
is required, as the activity is rewarding.

Fence builders would have to find
their work gratifying,
as it would be a continuous flow.
Like fence builders,
loving what we
do is essential
to finding contentment.