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February Gray

February Gray

bird confusionBack to a winter wonderland around here. Even the birds are confused. Not sure if these geese are going South or North.

I wonder if they know? Sometimes difficult to get around when the weather is like this, so I have been doing a lot of walking.

That was fine and dandy until I broke my baby toe last night, and very possibly the one beside it. Ouch! Trying to move forward too quickly, when my foot connected with the chair leg. Needless to say my physical day was challenging.

jessie monaHere are the dogs I am looking after. Today was my first day with them. It is a dog walking job, only they stay in the yard. I stop in to let them out for a while while my neighbour is at work.

These are coon hounds, and they don’t bark, they bay. Noisy devils with pretty big brown eyes. The female is being aggressive in this photo. She gets jealous of the male.

dark branches
Looks like all of Canada is in a bit of a deep freeze … but then what do you want for February? The dark branches of the trees are lined with white, and the branches of the fir trees are heavily laden with snow sculptures.

I can hardly wait for spring … we need sunshine here! This cold weather is for the birds … think warm … think warm … thinking warm … time to limp off to bed. Stay warm all! Fear not … the weekend is almost here.