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On My Easel


Warm hot summer winds come with traces of fondness, their dusty scent sparks deep remembering.

Here is what is on my easel. Two more roses in progress. I thought I might do a series of one dozen. These are number three and four, 12 X 12 in the early stages. The finished product will look different in colour.

What you see here is the under-painting, where I determine values and form. Then colours are applied over, often in glazes, or with the technique of scumbling for lighter colours. On the second one shown here I have begun that process. Number one and two can be seen in the previous blog post.


I started this post a couple of weeks ago, but my priority is looking for work. Besides revamping my art business I am getting things sorted here, and ready to launch into a new career~just waiting for the call!

Look me up on Google+ if you would like to connect there. Testing it out, as well as the chrome browser, which is functioning far better than my usual Firefox.

I intend to stay on Facebook as well where you can visit my artist page, and my ZenHairBiz page,and of course join me on Twitter if you are on there. The more the merrier. I love connecting.

I am doing a STUDIO CLEAR-OUT and have listed some specially priced items for sale in My Etsy Shop. Making room for the new. Remember this is a life redesign.

If you are in Calgary and wish to purchase any work directly from me, please contact me. I will even personally deliver. If you would like to be informed of my art news please subscribe to my newsletter, which I am building as we speak.