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Ladybug Festival & Unity Wave


This is what I am taking part in on Saturday. A ladybug festival! It begins with the release of over 100,000 lady bugs into the pesticide free gardens.

I will be performing and showing my art. Sounds like a fabulous lineup, with music, fire-spinners, belly dancers, and a ten piece funk band. What fun to be part of this! If you are in the Calgary area, please come by and join n the festivities.

I drove to Priddis to check out the grounds last weekend, and it is a quaint unique place, hosted by Kelly. Now help me set an intention for fabulous weather!

What strong energy these days with lots going on to head up spring! I am having a personal day from work, a chance to catch up on personal things, and get ready from the weekend. Looks like I will have time to work in the yard and get things started. Blossoms are starting to appear, and perennials are coming up.


“Unity Wave was born in recognition of the need for an unprecedented response to coordinate a world wide, synchronized, outpouring of conscious intention.”

You will find me here in a few hours. UNITY WAVE will stream live, Friday for fifteen minutes, calling for healing and restoration of the Gulf of Mexico. We know about the power of deliberate intent, particularly powerful, when numbers increase.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

State of Being

State of Being

goddessThe only way to assimilate the speed at which the world is moving and changing is to be in alignment with the higher self.

Taking control of our own power is the beginning. The goddess within takes charge. Every thing is energy, we, our worlds, everything. We need to attune ourselves with the positive forces, and defend ourselves from the toxic energy.

In order to do so, first we need to understand ourselves and the situation which surrounds ourselves at this very moment. Our mind is energy, not just a series of electrical currents, but the pattern which exists creates an energy field. How easily we can corrupt our own energy field with toxic things. Even when a force field is present, it still takes a magnet to show us the patterns and form the energy field takes. The way our energy is organized in mind, is a result of our environment and influencing factors.

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Language of Intuition

Language of Intuition

Intuitive CloudsNo amount of reasoning can explain that instant flash of knowing which comes upon us.  Somewhere along the line, following our intuition became an invalidity passed off as something slight, squelched by those who wanted absolute proof. Balancing intuition with reasoning is necessary in order to stay grounded so we may find structure and balance, otherwise things can run awry. If it is not possible to do this, we may find ourselves on the verge of malfunctioning.

The language of Intuition is a vital component of creativity as it manifests imagery and symbolism. It is experienced sometimes in dreams, waking states and through life’s events. Intuition is a language unto itself and a source of inspiration and guidance. When in tune with it, we are connected to the divine power of the universe. We feel inspired. Lifted up by a natural high which is unmatched by anything else you will ever experience.


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Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics

diversionI am seriously trying to get some work done here. Before I get started, let me share some useful tips to positively prolong procrastination, without ever watching TV.

  • Follow 300+ feeds everyday.
  • Spend hours collecting new feeds to follow.
  • Create useless DigiManip’s in your photo editor.
  • Sort out all the folders in your e-mail box.
  • Write some code for the fun of it.
  • Hang on the phone for far too long.
  • Take the neighbour’s dog for a walk.
  • Sharpen all your pencils, re bonding with the coloured ones.(Remember Laurentian Indian Red?)
  • Try to find that item you misplaced, and do not stop until you find it. (OCD)
  • Stop to clean out every closet and drawer you open in your search for the missing item.
  • Take up a new hobby, such as knitting, for example
  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Clean out the garage, and plan a garage sale.
  • Write out a list of new ways to procrastinate.

me closeupI am starting a three month healing program. It is crucial for me to use this time to my optimum advantage. Journaling was once an everyday occurrence in my life, yet lately on line writing has taken the forefront. The main difference between journaling and blogging, is the latter has an audience, whereas journaling is private, no editing necessary or preferred.

My journal is ready to go. I have various pens, coloured pencils and markers, so that I may sketch as well as write. I hope to examine all aspects of my nature which have been holding me back: Physical Mental/Emotional Spiritual. Looking at patterns, blocks and any insights I will have along the way. I will be looking at my intentions, setting some objectives, as well as ways I have been known to sabotage myself.

I am fortunate to be part of a group facilitated by an intuitive healer, who will be using vibrational healing, to help us to wade through our blocks. We met as a group last week, and will not meet again until the end of the three month process.

I will be helping the facilitator to write a workbook for future groups. So it is a huge project which I am pleased to be part of. Still haven’t started my art facilitator job. Surely everything is bound to happen at once!
Cheers! 😉

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