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Instinct & Evolution

blood moon

Pensive gradual descent into the cool mist, penumbra moon, encircled by a ring of light, colder weather to come. Floorboards creak underfoot with a groan.

The fog was thick the few nights surrounding the last full moon. And now the new moon has passed too and now it is full again.

It is hard to believe we are three quarters through November. The morning bright light seems too early, since the time change, and evening chill creeps in like a fox. Winter has arrived dry snow crunches loudly underfoot. It held off longer than I would have thought possible, so I will not complain. I got the bulbs dug out last Sunday and the rain barrel emptied just in time for winter to arrive Monday.

winter geese

These geese flew overhead this morning, complaining loudly.They were headed southeast. Can you blame them?

Though I do my best to bring light to the darkest moments, it does not seem sufficient at times.

I’ve had a glimpse, so I continue, though returning to my true nature turns out to be a taller order than I had ever imagined.

The journey back to wellness has been a steep climb, a treacherous path where it is easy to lose one’s footing.


Current state of affairs; I have not painted for six months. This has been my home for six years. I am looking for a new residence, as the owners are returning from abroad.

I will have many fond memories from this place. The cats and I have loved the neighbourhood, the yard, the garden, birds and the big trees.

Hope I can find something with as much character and with wonderful neighbours like I currently have. Another tall order.

Moving will help to shift the energy. Things cannot remain the same. I remind myself of the commitment to rewrite my story, unveiling authenticity. It is like untangling a ball of twine, allowing all to unfold. Evolution is inevitable.

Prevailing Flow


Well here we are in summer, despite the random golf ball sized hail, summer prevails. Perennials are shorter this year, with fewer smaller blooms.

I do have a patch of sunflowers out back by the garage, planted from seed that are doing well, as well as a patch of dahlias and callas started from bulbs. Sweet peas are coming up near the front porch.

This is a challenging area for gardening, and I have noticed many have turned to container gardening, which they can bring in if the weather is too severe. It was at least a week into June before anything could go into the ground. Once again I have been relying on the gardens of others for picture taking. My hollyhocks never did reappear.

pale pink

The truth is I have not had much energy for gardening, or other things as well. Turns out my thyroid has become under active. I began homoeopathic treatment for it two and a half weeks ago, and I feel some difference already. It takes time to remap the body.

Apparently hypothyroidism is one of the problems that can be corrected with homoeopathy. It was a tremendous relief to find out the cause of my symptoms, and to be on the path to wellness. Clearing my body, and clearing my space. I am on vacation, a stay-cation, finding time for relaxation, neglected tasks, and to set some new patterns. I will do some shorter day trips, including Banff this weekend. I hope to have some interesting experiences to share.

I may have to move within the next six months. I have become attached to this spot, having been here almost six years. Part of me wants to stay, but I feel a slight excitement of having new digs, which may be therapeutic. My vision is more light, French doors, and everything on one level. I have begun the clearing process, which will make room for new things to enter my life. Shifting is constant, reshaping our lives moment by moment.

Random Thought; ♥ “A seed has it’s own will,
encouraged by the wind, it repositions itself where it can best
flourish.” ~ moi ♥


This piece has been on my easel since before the art show. I was frantically working on it the night before the show was hung, and my friend came by to assist in the show set up, and said, “Deb … Deb … put the brush down! It’s over.”

Her words did not sink in, initially (not the first time that has happened), yet, as the glaze over my eyes started to clear, I could see she was serious, and right. It was time to pack up the brushes and paints, and transport what I had. It is a good thing I do not paint in oils, or I would be transporting wet paintings all of the time!

Now I am wondering can I get back into the flow. I thought it could be inspirational and motivational to post this work in progress. What I love about this painting so far; the contrast, the light, the water is almost heart shaped, the tree branches are almost bowing to drink, and there is a pathway from the heart to the light. Now tell me, did you see all of that in it’s early stages? Should be interesting to see what prevails.

Spring This Year

BirdieAs I write this the snow is gently falling … oh can it be over soon? Spring is reluctant this year. Yet the birds bravely carry on, building nests and making preparations for their young.


Yes I am trying to be like the birds and go with the flow.

I signed up for Calgary Dollars, an effort to increase my hair clientèle. I will attend their monthly potluck in a couple of weeks with business cards and do some networking. After all, people do business with people they know. The other important thing is a different approach may help to change our views about money.

We have been trained to believe and think about money as it applies to our current system. I would say the time is right now to explore alternatives. With the state of the world economy, I thought it was a good idea to be proactive and get into an alternative system. It is these type of projects that help to strengthen the economy and what better time to support that?

Incognito CatThis little darling got sick on me last week with upper respiratory.

As she had calicivirus when she was a kitten, so she is susceptible to this sort of thing. It was triggered by the snow mold, which seems to be in great abundance this year.

I treated her with natural remedies and she bounced back in three days. Homoeopathic, and l-lysine which is an amino acid and it worked wonders. This sort of thing can take a couple of weeks to shake, so I was grateful it worked so well.

Rolling CatHer sister was completely unaware of the illness and went on about her business, even though the patient had liquid pouring from her nose that damped her whiskers and left her curled into a tight little ball. Nothing like a good roll on the earth to forget about it all.

Actually I was relieved to see that they stayed apart, as this upper respiratory thing is highly contagious. So it was a blessing. If anyone would like suggestions on what to give your cat in this case, please contact me and I will be happy to share the information I spent a great deal of time researching.

The last time this happened I went to the vet and nearly $500 dollars later, blood panels, x-rays and urine tests (ever try to get a cat to pee in a bottle?!) and who knows what else, they came to the conclusion that she needed inhaled meds to the tune of $200 dollars a month, which I refused to agree to, and thankfully my concoctions were the remedy. And they refuse to admit that sometimes these viruses can be triggered as a result of their vaccination, which I believe was the case here. Once it is in the system it is there for good and can shed again when triggered.

Sunflower SkyYou might really want to think twice before you decide to get vaccinated for the swine flu, another contagious respiratory disease, considering more people died of the vaccinations than of the actual flu during the last outbreak. Read Dr. Mercola’s article here and draw your own conclusions! He even offers suggestions on how to prevent susceptibility. It is worth a read.

Be well … even though … well … spring can really hang you up the most.

Never A Dull Moment

Robin NestLook at what has appeared just outside my bedroom window! This had to have been yesterday or today. I know for certain it wasn’t there before that. I have a sneaking suspicion that this robin and her mate are the ones who were displaced from the cedar tree.

CatsThese birds have picked a busy spot, over the back deck, near the back door which is high traffic around here. Not sure about the electrical wires being an ideal choice. Fortunately, it looks as though the nest will not be accessible by the interested parties you see here.

Robin BathThey are enjoying all the luxuries of a fine hotel, including the bird spa. The house is due to be painted next week.

Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to protect the nest. I also have bird houses with no vacancy on the other side of the house, and I am hoping they will be unscathed by the house painting.

In FlightChances are the birds won’t be in it, when people are around, but the eggs might be. Wondering if it is covered in plastic, while they are spraying will do the trick, just so long as no one touches the nest. I would not like to see them ousted again.

This was a lucky shot, a still captured from a video I took. With these birds outside my window, I am anticipating I will have a natural alarm clock. Just hoping it isn’t going to be too early, but then that is wishful thinking, as I believe they are up at the crack of dawn.

gardenHere is my favorite spot to sit in the garden, which as of yet, is still sporting dead stalks from last year.

Today was hot, with a breeze offering welcome relief. Great weather in store for the entire weekend. But the yard work may have to wait, as I am considering going to Fish Creek Park for a little pleinair.

And lastly, please send healing thoughts to my mother. The quilt you see on the garden bench, was made by her. This is her blog. She has recently been diagnosed with a temporary condition, poly-neuralgia rheumatica, requiring prednisone, which without proper treatment can lead to other complications. We are awaiting the test results, so your prayers are welcome.

In the meantime, have a marvelous May long weekend!

Rants & Such

Rants & Such

foothills dusk







Cold nights bring out the brightness of stars, the dippers against a backdrop of velvet indigo. Fascination with galactic formations. Soft snow falling. Smoke trailing upwards from a nearby chimney. Midwinter melt brings a chilling to the bones. Uncertainty lingers in the air.

Running around out there can be taxing … rudeness, road rage, and a sense of entitlement everywhere you go. Surrounded by the growing numbers of sociopaths our society has created. You have to wonder sometimes where we are headed.

Oh yes, remember when we used to say if only the world were run by bartenders, cab drivers, and hairstylists? Well, I think we can officially add “bloggers” to that list. Have you noticed the trend in rejecting mainstream media? People are placing more faith in the common folk? I wonder why. Hmmmmmmm … something to ponder. Could it be we are winning the war?

Funny thoughts come to me at times. I was in the supermarket looking at the organic greens, neatly housed in containers made from genetically modified corn. Can you win? Not much better news at the doctor … they weighed me and I have gained twenty pounds! Yikes that was a shock. I knew my clothes were feeling a bit tight, but I was sure they had shrunk. Oh well, I guess my denial has been broken. Too much computer work and not enough activity, I suppose.

Speaking of broken … guess what I am getting in April for my birthday? A nose job! I know I know … my nose looks perfectly fine … on the outside. But it has been broken years ago, sinuses need work too, so finally I may be able to breathe properly. Truth is my health has not been so great … I have been fortunate to have experienced mostly healthful living, so having it turn for the worse comes as a shock and a challenge to manage.

I am struggling to regain balance in all aspects, which includes healing from the inside out. It is a crucial time for me and I am doing what I can to create a positive outcome. Fortunately for me, I have an array of stunning support people , who I am thankful for. They are desperately needed to go with a huge roll of work I have cut out for myself. And that has only just begun.

Getting the Groove Back

Getting the Groove Back

My life has been a bit unmanageable these days, so I am struggling to regain my momentum, as well as trying to tie up loose ends. Health has been a challenge, so getting and staying healthy is a priority.

winter garageMy healing program is helping me to work through these things and to shift the energies in my life which are influencing. I can see how things are going to fall into place. Good news too! The date for the mural has been set for mid December, so I am looking forward to doing that.

Getting there is challenging. Telling myself, when you close one door another opens, I continue to purge out the things which have been clogging up my life. As I was emptying closets and sorting through unnecessary things, I couldn’t help but wonder why I have been holding onto things which have been holding me back. In an attempt to establish myself as a web writer I have begun to write for a new health website. (now offline) I am publishing under the name ‘redgypsee’. I will be doing about 2-3 articles a week.

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow