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Mountain Renewal

Mountain Renewal

mountain road tripSoftly snowing here today, the soft lucky kind of snow, damp huge flakes hinting at spring.

Yesterday we went to Canmore and Banff, finding solace in the hot pools of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Immersed in the hot mineral soak, as steam rose from the water’s surface before dissipating into the cool mountain air.

Floating on my back as sky, wisps of clouds, tops of mountain sides and a half moon reflected back at me. Dark by the time we emerged, the two and a half hour soak in the hot springs was heavenly. We took our well marinated bodies out to a lovely dinner, and I have never slept so well.

The mountains have long been known for healing. Remember Heidi? She was sent to the mountains to heal. Something about that alpine air which brings rejuvenation. Lets hope it gives me the strength to deal with my current reality. Ah the ebb and flow of life.