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The Human Condition

The Human Condition

Road of LifeOur experience teaches us the only time that exists is the present. Our endeavors, if noble, can create desirable virtues all of humanity can benefit from, regardless of our personal beliefs.

Common respect for our fellow individual is not manifested by forcing our convictions upon others. We must respect our differences without prejudice. While it is useful to see our commonalities, we must remember that no two people, no two cultures are alike.

What we do in our day to day lives is of the utmost importance. Our actions affect the entirety of the universe. By examining and putting into action our intention, motives, and objectives we can find the means by which to take care of ourselves and others. Although we live in the present, we cannot expect to find happiness in attempting to satisfy our instinctual urges momentarily. This leads to a sort of corruption of the human spirit driven by demanding expectations.


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