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What I really am striving for these days, is to allow my spirit to paint freely, unconfined by rules. Who makes these rules anyway? We do. Limitations, or what we perceive as limitations, are set by ourselves. We can adapt when we have to, countless stories tell us about people who have been ‘handicapped in some way’, who have found a way to go full steam ahead, unhindered by what other people would consider handicapped.

For a brief moment yesterday, I found my self with two brushes on the go, one in each hand. The smaller brush for details was in my right and, and the larger glazing brush was in my left, and I found myself painting with both hands. I was amazed. This was a first. Completely engrossed in the moment, I had what I needed literally at my fingertips, without interrupting the flow by changing brushes.

My right hand, is dominant, yet I have developed a certain amount af ambidextrosity over the years. I have never thought twice about using both hands when playing my musical instruments, so why not painting? Improvisation requires taking risks, yet leads us to great discoveries about our art, as well as ourselves.

“Fear is the reason for making art. It is a means to freedom.”
(Ilya Kabakov)

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