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Making It

Making It

You Can Start To Win At Any Time!

snow dunes

To solve any problem
or reach any goal,
you don’t need
all the answers
in advance.
But you must have
a clear idea of
the problem or the goal
you want to reach.

All you have to do is
know where you’re going.
The answers will come to you
of their own accord.
Don’t procrastinate
when faced with a difficult problem,
Break the problem into parts,
and handle one part at a time.

If you can get up
the courage to begin,
you have the courage to succeed.
It’s the job you never start
that takes the longest to finish.
Don’t worry about
what lies dimly at the distance,
but do what lies clearly ahead.

Your biggest opportunity
is where you are right now.
Once you take the first step,
you’re half way there.

You can do anything
you want to in life,
you just cannot do
you want to do.

Thought I would share my inspiration
for the week. From the book
I have been reading about
how to be a successful artist:
Mystery of Making It
by By Jack White

Copyright © 2002

Snow Dunes Photo
© dl robinson
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