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Change in the Air

Murder of CrowsBirds are flocking. This murder of crows was seen across the street from my house a couple of days ago. I counted more than thirty congregated in the tall pines.

Nights are getting cooler here in the foothills. Wonderful for sleeping, but not so great for the flowers. Some are struggling along, and others are attempting to bloom a second time.

Double Pink HollyhockThis double pink hollyhock looked liked this before the cold tinged it. The birds got away with a large single pink bloom. Happy I got some shots of these in time. Which goes to show you, now is the time. So burn those candles you have been saving. Wear that special outfit no where special. Do something extraordinary. Follow your heart. Spread goodness.


MammatusLife is like the weather, unpredictable, never knowing what is in store. Staying focused is my focal point this year.

The focus on my art has been waylaid by other necessary business however I am grateful for the income. So more art and music to come soon.

Another face painting gig popped up this past weekend at Callaway Park. A very large crowd this time, and six of us were painting faces in addition to several balloon modelers and the caricature artists.

Mammatus clouds showed up in the sky last night, rare and awe-inspiring. And that tells me amazing things are around every corner. I embrace the uncertainly, staying open to the possibilities. Wading through what needs to be done. The universe wants even better things for me than I can dream up for myself. Anticipate miracles.

“Real difficulties can be overcome. It’s the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” ~Theodore Vail