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Language of Intuition

Language of Intuition

Intuitive CloudsNo amount of reasoning can explain that instant flash of knowing which comes upon us.  Somewhere along the line, following our intuition became an invalidity passed off as something slight, squelched by those who wanted absolute proof. Balancing intuition with reasoning is necessary in order to stay grounded so we may find structure and balance, otherwise things can run awry. If it is not possible to do this, we may find ourselves on the verge of malfunctioning.

The language of Intuition is a vital component of creativity as it manifests imagery and symbolism. It is experienced sometimes in dreams, waking states and through life’s events. Intuition is a language unto itself and a source of inspiration and guidance. When in tune with it, we are connected to the divine power of the universe. We feel inspired. Lifted up by a natural high which is unmatched by anything else you will ever experience.


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