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A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

Yesterdays NewsThe rains have come, only hours before the vernal equinox. It is late this year with a full moon soon to follow. Pleased to see I hadn’t missed the changing of the guard. Leaves hurriedly make their way to the gutters whisked by the rapid waters flowing curbside. Music, trickling from the eaves troughs, comforts.


Autumn DanceBalmy fragrant long lit evenings have transcended to flaming yellows tousled against darkened skies.

Sirens wail in the distance announcing a new order. I manage to live between the shadows, just like my blog title suggests, preferring a background seat or the bird’s eye view if you will. Peace, solitude and aloneness are key ingredients if I am to create.

Shoe LeafI am tired of being in the trenches, the front lines. The combat zone has left me feeling battle weary and war worn.

The raw energies have taken their toll on my psyche. Like setting the stage for a play, all props and nuances must be in place before the show can go on. Regrouping energies, shadow faces seek out the spotlight.

Looking for a way to move from the darkened underground into the light. Yet nothing to solve this achiness in my heart and joints which dotes on comfort like a luxury. Life is fragile. Yellow lifeblood drains from the leaves, leaving a lattice of darkened frames, promises of another spring.

18 X 24

Despite all of this I managed to begin two new paintings today. I refused to answer my phone, and have not even checked my messages. Sometimes one has to put up their fence in order to get things accomplished.

These paintings appear to be off to a good start, though beginning is never the problem. I shall try not to paint a hole in these.

24 X 24

I am reading John Ruskin’s “Emotion & Art”, a free PDF download, from his Emotion & Art Project website which I am hoping to absorb through osmosis if nothing else. Listen to his music too if you get the chance. He has also done some groundbreaking work on emotional clearing and written a book on the subject which is available on his other website.